This rune represents you opening up to new strength, energy, and power now. Kenaz is a rune of spiritual enlightenment and higher guidance. It shows good health. Keep a good, positive attitude. If your life has been stagnent, Kenaz brings news of an energetic change for the better. This rune is protective, it tells of good things coming into your life. This rune tells of you climbing out of a rut, it is a great time to start something new. Kenaz also represents creativity, it is a fantastic rune to draw if your are an artist or craft person. If the question is regarding romance, Kenaz represents starting new relationships or fresh starts to old ones. With Ansuz, Raidho, Perdhro or Eolh , this rune represents the birth of an idea, something creative, something inspired. It can mean actual birth when paired with Ing, Hagall, or Beorc. (Along side of Beorc it can also mean a burst of sexual activity.)

Kenaz Reversed
Kenaz Reversed represents an ending of some sort. Kenaz Reversed indicates there will be a loss of possessions; social standing, or an offer will be withdrawn. Kenaz Reversed foretells material limitations in your life. With Nied, Isa or Othel Reversed, a loss or delay will block your progress and cause you anxiety. You might be exercising poor judgment now. Confusion regarding romantic involvements may be present. Kenaz Reversed shows up at a time when the people involved will go their separate ways. This is especially true if Nied or Nied Reversed is present. The advice of this rune reversed is: do not cling. Accept the changes and get on with life.

Converse: Beware hidden danger. What appears to be the true path may be a false trail. Something dark or cold may conceal great energy. For the wound-ulcer interpretation: treat a minor medical condition before it worsens.

Alternate Names: Kusma, Cen, Kaun, Kaunaz
Ancient Meaning: Controlled fire, Internal fire
Keywords: Knowledge, fire, guiding light
Description: Kenaz foretells the coming of clarity and knowledge. It is time for you to grow by exchanging knowledge with others. Opportunities are upon you.
Reversed Description: Kenaz reversed represents a lack of needed knowledge and possible isolation. Information you may need is being withheld from you, or you may not be open to receiving it. Although others may seem distant, if you seek their friendship you may be pleasantly surprised.
Astrological Correspondence: Scorpio
Tarot Correspondence: Chariot
Gods/Goddesses: Freyja
Color: Light Red
Tree: Pine
Herb: Cowslip
Stones: Citrin, Fire Opal, Golden Topaz
Animals: Cat, salamander, lion, falcon, hawk, eagle, owl, tiger, chimpanzee, bobcat, cuckoo, peacock
Element: Fire
Magic: Artistic inspiration, All realms are strengthened, Healing and regeneration, Aids in personal transformation, Aids in love and sexual relationships, Increased fertility