Thurisaz is strongly associated with protection and luck. In a positive runecast, these are on your side. This is especially true if Eihwaz or Eolh are paired with it. In a negative reading, your luck may be ending. In either case, now is not a time to be too self assured. Thurisaz in a reading often indicates that an important decision is at hand. One that may change the course of your life. Thurisaz advises you to seek advice, especially if it is found with Ansuz, Jera, or Mannaz. In a mostly negative rune cast, you are probably being stubborn and too self assured. If you find Hagall, Nied or Isa in the cast you should postpone any plans you may have. In a negative rune cast, there may be opposition of some kind from people who are stronger than you in some way.

Thurisaz Reversed
Thurisaz Reversed is a warning that you must be very cautious while making any decisions or changes in your life. Now is not the time to make hasty decisions. Thurisaz Reversed might indicate that you are have already refused to follow good advice (depending on the placement in the runecast). Your mind is stubbornly set. Your luck may be running out. You are perhaps deceiving yourself about something.

If Kenaz is present, you are feeling threatened by someone whom you feel is below you in some way. The advice of Thurisaz Reversed is to slow down, check every possible angle and get expert advice before you take any action.

Converse: Negative disguised as positive.

Alternate Names: Thuith, Thorn, Thurs
Ancient Meaning: Protection
Keywords: Protection, destruction, defense, polarity, action, regeneration
Description: Thurisaz embodies the polarity of life and death and the struggle to keep them in balance. Expect conflict, hardship and obstacles, but be assured that remaining focused and in touch with your inner strengths will see you through whatever comes your way. This Rune may also represent protection from your enemies, which is never a bad thing.
Reversed Description: Thurisaz reversed often represents your inability to come to terms with repressed issues. It is a warning that if you do not purge past demons they may return to harm you. This Rune is also indicative of a time when you should not act on impulse.
Astrological Correspondence: Libra
Tarot Correspondence: Emperor
Gods/Goddesses: Thor
Color: Bright Red
Tree: Oak
Herb: House leek
Stones: Agate
Animals: Goat, ram, dragon, hound, cat, tiger, lion, leopard, porcupine, mosquito, Tasmanian devil, wasp, bear, elephant, mongoose, rhinoceros
Element: Fire
Magic: Protection from enemies and harm, Overcomes hostile situations, Love magic, Increases your will and helps you take action, Increases your awareness of both the uniqueness and commonality of all things, Projects energy and focuses power


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