January Esbats Information

In the night of the year we are compelled to find the inner strength that will hold us and carry us to spring. It is a time for working with our inner power to develop a sense of who we are, as well as to find our place in the web of existence. Winter storms may howl, but appreciating the beauty of this fierce side of nature means that we can flow with and enjoy the spiral of life energy rather than struggle against it.

Moon of the First Circle
The world seems still and silent, but under the snow-covered fields seeds rest in darkness and wait for the coming of spring. At this time of year the elements are harsh, yet they have their own special beauty and purpose. The cold weather keeps us indoors at this time of year and helps us focus inward. The spiral of energy that we followed at Yule continues to draw us to our center to face who we truly are.

Other names for this moon: Wolf Moon, Chaste Moon, Ice Moon.

In the Celtic Tree Calendar
January 1 – 20: Birch
Associated with new beginnings, the birth/rebirth of the sun, protection, and purification.
January 21 -31: Rowan
Associated with the coming of new life born from the dark of winter, protection, and strength.

Other Information
January is the time to conserve energy by working on personal problems that involve no one else. It is also a time for protection rites and reversing spells. During this month the energy flow is sluggish and below the surface.

Herbs: Marjoram, Holy Thistle, Nuts & Pine Cones.
Colours: White, Lilac, Violet & Black.
Flowers: Snowdrop & Crocus.
Perfumes: Oakmoss, Musk & Mimosa.
Crystals: Garnet, Onyx & Jet.
Tree: Birch.
Animal: Fox.
Bird: Pheasant.
Deities: Frejya, Inanna & Hera.


1 – Apple, Birch, Heather
New Year’s Day
Celtic tree month of Birch begins
1st to 4th Quadrantid meteor showers

2 – Birch, Fir
Birth of Inanna

3 – Birch, Fir
J.R.R. Tolkien born in 1892
Full moon – Moon of the First Circle

4 – Birch, Fir
Honor Badb

5 – Birch, Fir
Avian Day
Honor birds and bird gods and goddesses: Morrigan/crow, Athena/owl, Horus/hawk

6 – Birch, Fir
Twelfth Night – traditional time to wassail apple trees
Joan of Arc born 1412 (France)

7 – Birch, Fir
Galileo discovered four of Jupiter’s moons in 1610
Devi Puja Day – make offerings to Maha Devi (Hindu)

8 – Birch, Fir
Honor the Muses

9 – Birch, Fir
Feast of Janus

10 – Birch, Fir
Honor the bard, Geraint (Welsh, 9th century)

11 – Birch, Fir
Roman goddess Carmenta celebrated

12 – Birch, Elm
Norse goddess Frigg celebrated

13 – Birch, Elm
Runic half month of Peorth begins

14 – Birch, Elm
This day is notoriously known as the coldest day of the year in England.

15 – Birch, Elm
Roman goddess Vesta celebrated
First appearance of Our lady of Banneux (Belgium 1933)

16 – Birch, Elm
Enjoy the warmth of family and friends on cold evenings

17 – Birch, Elm
Honor Rhiannon

18 – Birch, Elm
Winter jasmine brightens dull gardens

19 – Birch, Elm
Dark Moon
Think like a polar bear

20 – Birch, Elm
Old Norse mid-winter – honor Thor and Freyr
Sun enters Aquarius

21 – Elm, Rowan
Celtic tree month of Rowan begins

22 – Elm, Rowan
St. Vincent’s Day – patron saint of winemakers

23 – Elm, Rowan
Birth of Marija Gimbutas, archeologist, writer, professor and explorer of goddess-worshipping civilizations, 1921

24 – Elm, Rowan
Sementivae – Roman celebration of Ceres

25 – Rowan, Cypress
Disting – Norse feast honoring Disir

26 – Rowan, Cypress
Egyptian god Amen and his queen Amenet celebrated

27 – Rowan, Cypress
Day of Ishtar

28 – Rowan, Cypress
Eve of Old European Lunar New Year
Runic half month of Elhaz begins

29 – Rowan, Cypress
Look for early snowdrops and primroses

30 – Rowan, Cypress
Feast of Hekate
Pax Day – Roman festival of peace

31 – Rowan, Cypress
In 1862 the companion Sirius B dwarf star was discovered. People of the Sahara had legends of this double star long before the telescope was invented.

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