February Esbat Information

The night of the year is drawing to a close, but just as a storm can be most fierce before it ends, winter can be most brutal just before spring. In February we continue to work with our inner power and confront our personal truths. The full moon of this month sheds enough light for us to see into our own darkness.

Moon of the Seer
The skies are gray and the weather is still cold, but the snow is receding. Underneath the ground life begins to secretly stir with the promise of rebirth. As the days grow steadily longer we can feel our souls begin to awaken. The Moon of the Seer helps us find the way.
Other names for this moon: Storm Moon, Snow Moon, Quickening Moon.

In the Celtic Tree Calendar
February 1 – 17: Rowan
Associated with the coming of new life born from the dark of winter, protection, and strength; the goddess Brigid.

February 28 & 29: Ash
Associated with the sea (myths tell of it having come from the undersea realm of Tethys), protection; the god Manannan.

Other Information
February is the time for loving the self, accepting responsibility for past errors, forgiving yourself, and making future plans. At this time the energy flow is working toward the surface; good for purification, growth, and healing.

Herbs: Balm Of Gilead, Hyssop, Myrrh, Sage & Spikenard.
Colours: Light Blue & Violet.
Flowers: Primrose, Hyacinth & Hellebore.
Perfumes: Wisteria & Heliotrope.
Crystals: Amethyst, Jasper & Rock Crystal.
Tree: Rowan.
Animal: Otter.
Bird: Eagle.
Deities: Brigit, Juno, Kuan Yin, Diana, Demeter, Persephone & Aphrodite.


1 – Rowan, Cypress
St. Brigitte’s Day
First to the fourth, Festival of Dionysos

2 – Rowan, Cypress, Cedar, Blackthorn, Ivy, Spruce, Vine/Bramble

3 – Rowan, Cypress, Cedar
Freezing fogs create a fairyland of glittery beauty

4 – Rowan, Cedar, Aspen
King Frost Day – A festival held when the River Thames froze
Mindfulness Day (Buddhist)

5 – Rowan, Cedar, Aspen
Feast of Artemis
Feast of Isis

6 – Rowan, Cedar, Aspen
Festival of Aphrodite

7 – Rowan, Cedar, Aspen
Li Chum spring fertility festival in China

8 – Rowan, Cedar, Aspen
Look at the stars

9 – Rowan, Cedar, Hackberry
Days grow noticeably longer. Gloom of winter, be gone.

10 – Rowan, Cedar, Hackberry
Persian goddess Anaitis honored

11 – Rowan, Cedar, Hackberry
First appearance of Our Lady of Lourdes/Lady of Healing Water 1858 (France)

12 – Rowan, Cedar, Hackberry
Runic half month of Sigel begins

13 – Rowan, Cedar, Hackberry
Festival of Trees – honor Asherah
Parentalia – Roman festival honoring ancestors

14 – Rowan, Cedar, Hackberry
“Winged creatures choose mates on this day” – old Anglo-Saxon belief

15 – Rowan, Cedar, Hackberry
Lupercalia – A Roman festival celebrating animals aiding people, especially the wolf who suckled Romulus and Remus.

16 – Rowan, Cedar, Hackberry
Honor Boann

17 – Rowan, Cedar, Hackberry
Honor the cat
Birth of Kali

18 – Cedar, Hackberry, Ash
Celtic tree month of Ash begins
to the 25th – Lesser Eleusinian Mysteries

19 – Ash
Sun enters Pisces

20 – Ash
Full Moon – Moon of the Seer
Honor Calypso

21 – Ash
Feast Day of St. Peter Damian who is called upon to cure headaches

22 – Ash
Renew family ties
Egyptian season of Shomu/harvest begins

23 – Ash
Call on Brigid, Carmenta and Tamar to find the path ahead

24 – Ash
The day when trees were said to come out of their winter sleep

25 – Ash
“Much February snow, a fine summer doth show.” – old English saying

26 – Ash
Ask Olwen for guidance

27 – Ash
Runic half month of Tyr begins

28 – Ash, Pine
Honor Bel, Lugh and Helios
to March 14th – Tibetan Buddhist New Year celebrations

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