A Knot Magic Spell for Finding Lost Objects

This powerful spell originated in Greece, and is used to locate lost objects. All you need is a handkerchief made of natural fabric, some soil, and your powers of concentration. To begin, picture the lost item in your mind. As you visualize the lost object, tie the handkerchief into a knot. Then take the knotted handkerchief out to your garden (apartment dwellers may use a potted plant) and press the knot into the
soil while speaking these words:

“Back to the earth, back to the ground. I won’t untie you until you are found.”

Leave the handkerchief undisturbed until you find the lost item. When it is found, give thanks and untie the knot. Launder the handkerchief; put it away in a safe place to use again as needed.


One thought on “A Knot Magic Spell for Finding Lost Objects

  1. I am very grateful that I found this online. My husband had turned the house upside down looking for his car keys and had even been throught the dustbin. Within an hour of my casting this spell the keys had turned up without anyone actually looking.

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