Invoking the Winds

To summon the power of the winds and ask for its help in spell casting is a great way to get some extra punch for your spells.

The whole idea of calling the wind is an ancient and classical one. Many spells and rituals can be helped by calling the wind before starting. Once you have gathered the needed items for your spell and cast your circle, turn to the north and call the wind with something like the following…

“Wind of the north, of cold and might
Aid me in my work”

North Winds
The Winds that blow from the North are the cold ones. These winds are associated with level headedness. So use this time to practice spellwork for financial management, and organization.

Turn to the east….
“Wind of the east, of minds so bright
Aid me in my work”

East Winds
Winds that blow from the East are associated with transformation, and new beginnings. When the easterly winds blow, use this time to practice spellwork involving all things new.A time to write new spells, create a new ritual, find new avenues in your chosen path.

Turn to the south…
“Wind of the south, of passion so true
Aid me in my work”

South Winds
Winds that blow from the south are commonly associated with spells for love, lust and passion. South winds give us vitality, and spellwork for banishing jealousy and selfishness from the self should be performed during this time.

Turn to the west…
“Wind of the west, so gentle and blue
Aid me in my work”

West Winds
Winds that blow from the west are associated with healing. During these winds practice cleansing and healing rituals. Intuition in the natural Witch is strong during these winds, so take advantage of this and practice spellwork, which involves using your inner strength to its capacity.

Invoking the winds is an old practice that dates back to the ancient Greeks and possibly earlier. The power of the winds powers can give tremendous intensity to your magick. Depending on which wind is blowing, vibrations on the earth will differ.
If you hang a ribbon to a tree or fence, you will be able to see which wind is blowing; this will be the wind you will announce your intentions to as you perform the spell.
When invoking the winds for spellwork, you will need to be outside.

It is also possible to just call the one wind needed to power your particular spell.

Then proceed to cast your spell knowing the wind will help carry your energies to the needed place.