Prosperity Ritual: Employment

“Everyday Magic” by DorothyMorrison

green candle,
bergamot or pine oil,
1 dollar bill,
paper with amount you wish to earn written on it.

Gather the spell materials together on the first night of the new Moon. Write your desired type of employment on the candle and below it, draw an arrow pointing down. Draw a dollar sign beneath the arrow. Below that, draw another arrow pointing down, then write your name under it (on the candle). Anoint the candle, while concentrating on your need for employment. Write the amount you wish to earn on a piece of paper (already prepared). Place this paper under the candle. Light the candle and visualize your getting the job you want (or getting a job in the field you want). Chant the following:

From you to me the money flows,
casting out financial woes.
The employment I want will be approved before the light of the next full Moon”

Let the candle burn down completely. Wrap the wick and any waxremnants in a dollar bill and carry it with you. Look for a job on Wednesday before the full moon.