Spellwork by Lunar Phase

I am always second guessing myself with the correct timing for my rituals and prayers so when I was looking at a bunch of random books I came across a sweet list. It will be highly useful for me so I thought that I’d share!

Abundance: waxing to full moon.
Addictions (TO END): waning moon.
Artistic Creations: waxing to full moon.
Bad Habits (to break): waning moon.
Bad Luck (to reverse): waning moon.
Beauty and Health: full moon.
Bindings: waning moon.
Blessings: full moon.
Career Advancement: waxing moon.
Communication: full moon.
Curses, Hexes (to break): waning moon.
Divinations: waxing and full moons.
Energy Raising: waxing moon.
Exorcisms: waning moon.
Fear (overcoming): waning moon.
Fertility Rituals: waxing and full moons.
Forgiveness: new moon.
Friendship: waxing moon.
Garden Planting Spells: waxing moon.
Goals (attainment of): waxing to full moon.
Good Luck: waxing moon.
Growth (of an kind): waxing moon.
Harmony: waxing moon.
Happiness: waxing and full moons.
Healings (to increase health): waxing moon.
Healings (to end sickness): waning moon.
House Blessings: full moon.
Inspiration: waxing and full moons.
Intuition: full moon.
Jinx-Breaking: waning moon.
Judgment: waxing and full moons.
Liberation (to free oneself from something): waning moon.
Love Magick: waxing and full moons.
Love Spells (to reverse): waning moon.
Lunar Goddess Invocations: full moon.
Money Matters (to increase wealth): waxing moon.
Negativity (to banish): waning moon.
Nightmares (to banish): waning moon.
Obtaining (things and goals): waxing and full moons.
Omens: full moon.
Overcoming: waning moon.
Peace (to end hostility, war): waning moon.
Power: waxing and full moons.
Prophetic Dreams: full moon.
Protection: waxing moon.
Psychic Powers (developing, strengthening): full moon.
Quests: new moon.
Real Estate (to buy): waxing moon
Real Estate (to sell): waning moon.
Sexual Desires (to stimulate, increase): waxing moon.
Shapeshifting: full moon.
Spirit Conjurations: full moon.
Strength: waxing moon.
Teaching: waxing and full moons.
Transformations: full moon.
Travel: waxing moon.
Unions (marriages, business partnerships): waxing and full moons.
Weatherworkings (to bring forth): waxing moon.
Weatherworkings (to quell): waning moon.
Weight Gain: waxing moon.
Weight Loss: waning moon.
Wisdom (to increase): waxing and full moons.
Wish-magick: waxing and full moons.



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