Artemis Ritual and celebration!

Today light a candle and celebrate Artemis!

The birth of the Greek moon-goddess Artemis (who also presides over hunting and wild beasts) has been celebrated each year on this day since ancient times. As a lunar goddess, she has been an influential archetype for many Witches and worshipers of the contemporary Goddess religion. Artemis is equivalent to the Roman moon-goddess Diana and is identified with Luna, Hecate, and Selene.

This is a quick ritual to do in honor of Artemis!

Gather together a green candle, incense, a square of green cloth and three silver pins. Cast Circle and stand before your altar. Light the green candle and stare into the flame, recalling images of the forest. Imagine Artemis striding through the forest with her silver arrows on her back. Visualise yourself walking alongside Artemis, feeling her power radiating through your body. Take three deep breaths.

Take a silver pin and holding it by the head point the tip upwards and say:

This arrow symbolises dependency on others. I release thee.

Lay the pin in the centre of the green cloth. Take the second pin and hold as you held the first, and say:

This arrow represents indecisiveness. I release thee.

Lay the pin down and take up the third in the same way and say:

This arrow represents fear of failure. I release thee.

Lay this pin down by the otheres and fold the edges of the cloth in to cover the pins. Recall the image of yourself striding through the forest alongside Artemis and allow Her to bid you farewell. Continue to walk through the forest independant and strong. Once you feel that the strength of Artemis has entered and permitted you greater confidence, say:

I am strong, I am decisive, I am independant.
I am capable and willing. I am powerful.
I make my own choices and take responsibility for my decisions.

Meditate if you like than close Circle.

For more information of Artemis look here

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