Odin Rune

The blank rune. This rune represents the unknowable. It is the past, present and future. This rune represents all knowledge. This is the cosmic power of fate. Drawing this rune indicates that you are in immediate contact with your own true destiny. Odin represents Karma. Something unexpected is going to come to you. Sometimes it means that the matters in question are ” in the hands of the gods”. It may also mean that should a certain step be taken, life will never be the same for you. This rune represents things that are presently hidden from view. If the issue in question is regarding someone else, it means that you are seeking information that you have no right to know. Look at the surrounding runes for clues. If Odin falls with Gifu or another love rune, it could indicate a wonderful new relationship coming into your life. (possibly representing a “karmic reward” ) . Basicly, this is the rune of fate or that of the gods.

No Reverse


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