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March is a time to make ready for spring. Waters run freely from snowmelt, and bright yellow daffodils beckon the sun’s warmth. Nights are still tinged with frost, but it is time to begin preparations for spring; time to clear away winter’s rubble from the garden and from your life – both physical and spiritual.

The ash, which is a tree for part of this month, is one of the traditional materials for a besom broom. Besoms are used frequently in fertility rituals and handfasting ceremonies. Associated with the element water, they not only sweep physical dirt from an area that is to be made sacred, but also psychic dirt and negative energy. Alder, the other tree of March, provides strength and courage to clear away things from your life and to start fresh.

Moon of the Wind
Life is stirring and beginning to burst forth from the womb of the earth. The world is rousing into motion after a winter’s slumber. This windy month blows away the staleness of winter and with it we cast away the things we need to remove from our lives. Holding onto things that no longer belong in our lives can keep us from moving forward. Just as our homes need a spring cleaning, so too do our emotional and spiritual lives.
Other names for this moon: Quickening Moon, Wind Moon, Hare Moon.

In the Celtic Tree Calendar
March 1 – 17: Ash
In addition to being associated with the sea; ash also has connections with the runes and besom brooms.

March 18 & 31: Alder
Associated with courage, strength, and evolving one’s spirit; Celtic hero Bran.

Other Information
Herbs: Broom, High John Root, Yellow Dock Root, Wood Betony & Lungwort.
Colours: Pale Green, Violet & Purple.
Flowers: Jonquil, Daffodil, Tulips & Violet.
Perfumes: Honeysuckle, Magnolia & Apple Blossom.
Crystals: Aquamarine & Bloodstone.
Tree: Alder.
Animal: Hedgehog.
Bird: Raven.
Deities: Morrigan, Hecate, Cybele, Astarte, Athene, Minerva, Artemis & Luna.


1 – Willow
“Whoever finds the first bloom of the season on this day will have good luck.” – old belief from the British Isles

2 – Willow
Celtic goddess Ceadda celebrated

3 – Willow
Third day of the third month: a day of magic. Honor the triple goddess and the three realms of Heaven, Earth and the Underworld.

4 – Willow
Honor Rhea
Mindfulness Day (Buddhist)

5 – Willow
Honor Isis – Lady of the Moon

6 – Willow
Let daffodils brighten your day

7 – Willow
Honor Gaia

8 – Willow
“A windy March foretells a fine May.” – old English saying

9 – Willow
In 1170 a dragon reportedly flew over the town of St. Ostwyth, England

10 – Willow
Seek a four-leaf clover

11 – Linden
Spring makes a foothold

12 – Linden
Sir Thomas Malory, author of Le Morte Darthur, died in 1471

13 – Linden
In Tudor England the mountain cowslip, in bloom at this time of year, was used to cure headaches.

14 – Linden
Runic half month of Beorc begins

15 – Linden
Feast of Attis and Cybele

16 – Linden
Dionysos/Bacchus wine festivals held to stir up energy for a good grape harvest in autumn

17 – Linden
The story of St. Patrick driving the snakes out of Ireland is a symbol of the new religion trying to eradicate the old.
Rebirth of the Green Man

18 – Linden, Alder
Celtic tree month of Alder begins
Festival of Bodhisattva (Buddhist)

19 – Linden, Alder
Dark Moon
Quinquatrus of Minerva – five-day Greek festival
Feast of St. Joseph

20 – Linden, Alder, Ash, Birch, Gorse, Honeysuckle, Maple, Myrtle, Sycamore, Yew
Alban Eilir/Ostara/Spring Equinox – a day of balance

21 – Alder, Oak
Full Moon – Moon of the Wind
Sun enters Aries

22 – Alder, Hazel
Ancient Irish royal site of Tara founded

23 – Alder, Hazel
Plan a garden even if it is a few flower pots indoors

24 – Alder, Hazel
24th to the 28th, Hindu festival honoring Shiva and Parvati

25 – Alder, Hazel
Annunciation Day (Christian)
Mothering Sunday (UK)

26 – Alder, Hazel
Angus mac Og celebrated
Birth of Joseph Campbell, 1904

27 – Alder, Hazel
Egyptian Feast of Rivers

28 – Alder, Hazel
Asian goddess Kwan Yin honored

29 – Alder, Hazel
29th to the 31st, Borrowing Days – theses were said to be borrowed from April, which is why the weather is usually rainy. (England)

30 – Alder, Hazel
Runic half month of Ehwaz begins

31 – Alder, Hazel
Luna celebrated

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