Beorc is the family rune. This rune refers to a happy family event, (a wedding, birth etc..). Or this rune can mean the formation of an idea. This rune represents new beginnings, a new project or romance, something that will bring you happiness. If the reading is for a woman, Beorc often represents her. In this case, those runes that surround Beorc will be the forces that surround the woman. In a man’s reading, Beorc is likely to represent the woman in his life with whom he has the closest relationship. In certain readings Beorc represents your mother. If you have any schemes or plans, the advice of Beorc is to implement them right away. Beorc is especially fortunate in the outcome position of a runecast. It may mean the birth of a child, (especially if paired with Ing) or a marriage. In a mostly negative reading, Beorc indicates that though you will be successful, your success will not last.

Beorc Reversed

Drawing this rune reversed indicates family problems and or domestic troubles. You are probably feeling anxiety about someone close to you. ( With Gebo it is your “significant other”, with Ansuz it is a child, and with Othel it is an older relative). In matters of business, the ventures will have trouble getting started or may fall through, but this is not really a negative rune unless the whole reading is. Business plans may just need to be saved for later.

Converse: Increased size or profit is being hidden, or dishonestly withheld. You may suffer a theft. An investment that looks risky may well be safe.

Alternate Names: Berkana, Bercna, Bjarkan, Beroc
Ancient Meaning: The divine energy of the Earth Mother
Keywords: Nurturing, rebirth, growth, transition, spirit, concealment, protection, ancestry
Description: Berkano is the Rune of birth and rebirth. This may symbolize a time when you are capable of great personal growth. Love may be in the air as well.
Reversed Description: Berkano reversed may foretell family problems and dissatisfaction. Your life path my not be clear to you at this time. Be careful to protect that which is yours.
Astrological Correspondence: Virgo
Tarot Correspondence: The Empress
Gods/Goddesses: Frigga, Holde
Color: Dark Green
Tree: Birch
Herb: Lady’s mantle
Stones: All Gems
Animals: All Animals
Element: Earth
Understanding transition, Protects and masks energy, Revitalization and empowerment, Draws and directs the powers of nature, Increases insight