Problem Go Away Spell

To solve a problem that has no seeming solution, write it down briefly over and over on thirty small sheets of paper. Make the words smaller and smaller on each succeeding sheet, so that they fill the first sheet but are so tiny on the last sheet that they can barely be read. Staple
these sheets together into a booklet. Each day, tear off one sheet and destroy it either by ripping it into tiny fragments, or burning it. As you destroy the sheet, say:

Days pass, leaves fall,
Time is stronger than us all.

When the last leaf of the problem booklet is destroyed, go forth confident that the problem has lost its power over you and can be overcome once and for all.

by Donald Tyson


One thought on “Problem Go Away Spell

  1. thank you for this spell…i have a BIG problem that needs to go away, and this is the perfect metaphorical magic i think that will do it! and it doesn’t hurt any body, too!

    best of brooms to you,


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