The Element Aid Chant

Call upon the elements ancient with this chant, and ask for their aid in your task. It can be performed as a simple chant, or as a spell.

For the spell, you will need:

A little earth or salt (earth),
A little spring or rain water, in a glass bowl (water)
A candle (preferably white, gold or silver) (fire)
A feather or incense (air)

Say the chant, and when each element is mentioned, focus on its corresponding object (as shown above). If you want you can set the objects around you in a circle with earth to the north, water to the west, fire to the south, and air to the east, then turn around slowly to face each direction before saying the line. For spirit, you can close your eyes and focus inwards, to your own spirit, or you can look to the heavens, as the
direction for the element Spirit is centre.

Rock of the old lands, lend me your endurance,
Waters of the great deeps, lend me your strength,
Fire of eternal flame, lend me your passion,
Winds of the high heavens lend me your speed,
Spirit of the living world, spirit of the soul,
Spirit of the highest love, help me reach my goal.