Simple Stone Spells

Just as semiprecious and precious stones have been used for a wide variety of magical purposes, so too have plain, ordinary stones. Nothing in nature is without its magical uses.

This feature contains minor rituals utilizing any kind of stone you find in your backyard, on the beach or anywhere out in nature.

In these spells, use your powers of visualization and concentration to direct the energy through the stones. Here, the rocks are usually focal points or tools that add little power of their own. Some of them are amulets and talismans of a kind.

That’s not to say that a piece of granite made up of quartz, hornblende and various other minerals doesn’t contain its own powers, but such stones lack focused energy. Since this is the kind most needed in magic, it is more difficult to work with them than with amethyst and carnelian. Therefore, in the simple spells that follow, don’t worry about
which stone to use. Take whatever is at hand.

PROTECTION, The Five Pebbles

Go to a moving brook or stream. While standing in the water and facing downstream, remove five small pebbles from the stream bed As you do this, visualize your need for protection.

As your hand closes over the pebbles, see them beaming out protective energies. Just as the pebbles are hard and have weathered for eons, so too will they strengthen your protective shield.

Now carry them at all times for protection. If you wish, place them in a small pouch or a fold of cloth, or incorporate them into some form of jewelry.

DIVINATION, Black and White:

Spend a few minutes gathering stones. Half should be dark and half of a lighter color.

Place them on the ground before you. Ask your question or keep it in mind. Close your eyes and jumble the stones around for a few seconds; then, with your left or receptive hand, remove one of the stones.

If you picked a dark stone, the answer is yes or the prospects favorable. If light, no.

LOVE, Stone Love Spell:

Go to a place that contains many water-worn stones. Look for a large, flat rock while visualizing yourself being involved with the perfect mate.

On this rock mark with red ink two intertwined hearts. As you do this, keep the visualization in mind.

When you are finished, bury the stone in the earth in an uncultivated place.


Take any stone. Hold it in your projective hand for several minutes while visualizing your need. Flood the stone with your need and with your emotional involvement with your need. Send power out from your body to the stone. Use your visualization to
see it streaming into the rock.

Then throw the stone into running water. It is done.


To be rid of diseases, unhealthy habits, hurt feelings and any other disturbing manifestations of life, hold any stone in your projective hand and visualize the problem in detail.

Visualize the part of you that is to be banished as entering the stone. See the problem and its causes leaving you and infusing the stone.

When you can send no more energy into it, throw the stone onto a hot fire, throwing with it the causes and manifestations of your problem. Stand back “the stone may explode.

If you have no fire or don’t wish to have rocks exploding, throw the stone into the air or into water, thereby releasing the problem causing energy from your body.

It is done.

Copyright © 1988 by Scott Cunningham


Magnetic Hematite jewelry

Hematite has known favor amongst royalty since ancient Egyptian and Greek times and that favor continues today as a must for some fashion wearers. Named, after the Greek word, “Haima” for blood, hematite will streak red when rubbed against a harder substance. When polished it has a beautiful, black-gray sheen and, is often called the “Black Diamond”. Many people that wear hematite and hematite magnetic jewelry state they have a feeling of well-being or optimism.

Magnetic Hematite jewelry is well known for its healing power as well as its beauty. Many studies have shown that magnets are an effective, drug-free way to reduce pain from arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, sore joints and muscles and reduce high blood pressure. It is said to maintain the natural charge of the nerve cells, thus reducing pain, increase the healing process, boost the immune system and improve quality of sleep. Magnets help relieve pain from ailments of the hands, wrists, and fingers, as well as pain in the neck, back, and hips, and generally enhance physical energy and vitality. It also is reported to help tension headaches and light migraines. In some circumstances, people have noticed a difference within 24 hours of wearing the stones.

How to Create a Crystal Altar

Creating your own Crystal Altar is easy and inexpensive. What is a crystal altar? It is a special place where you keep your collection of crystals for meditation and/or for an energy center in your home or apartment. It doesn’t require much room, and can be set up in a few minutes.

It can have crystals and stones, along with other items of nature, such as feathers, shells, wood, water, candles and even a prayer card. The point is you can use just about anything you choose. The important thing to remember is that each of these items should be special to you. I often put feathers on my altar that cross my path. You can use a shelf or dresser top as long as it is a place that will not be disturbed or that can not cause a fire when burning candles.

Once you have assembled your altar, the intention is to bring light and energy to you and your surrounding area. You can program your stones and crystals for specific use or just use them for decoration and let them do what they do naturally, which is to dissolve and balance energy.

Meditating by your Altar Can Help Bring You Peace
Here is something I personally like to do. If I have a friend or family member that is having a particular problem with their health or relationships, I draw a circle on a piece of paper. In that circle I put the person’s name, along with positive words that can help them with their particular problem. For example, if someone is having health problems, I put their name inside the circle, and then put the words: healthy, happy, peaceful, love, light, and resolution. Now I put that piece of paper on the altar along with some tumbled stones that I think might help with the situation. A piece of rose quartz can always help by bringing in love and self-love. If you are familiar with the colors of the charkas you might try a colored stone that relates to that part of the body they are having trouble with.

Making Gemstone Water

Making gemstone water is actually very simple, you will need the following ‘ingredients’ for this: a glass vessel, a gemstone, bottled spring water or boiled (and cooled) tapwater, a windowsill.

Before you start making gemstone water you will have to make the choice whether you wish to use the energies of the sun or the energies of the moon. The sun will charge your gemstone water with soothing, soft and warm energies while the various moon phases will give a different result.

The Moon phases:

Waxing Moon: The energies of the waxing moon are suited for new projects, new relations and to plant new ’seeds’.

Full Moon: The Full Moon is the symbol of positive magick, blessing, creativity, healing and reinforcement.

Waning Moon: The energies of the waning moon are connected to get rid of bad habits, negative thoughts and to build down things, to purge yourself from all negativity from the outside world, but also from within yourself.

New Moon: The New Moon is the time of death, a time to stop and look inside yourself and to realize that you can always start again, no matter what happened to you. It is the time to halt an illness or a pattern of thoughts and give it a positive spin.

It is therefore important to ask yourself for which purpose you wish to use the gemstone water before you start.

Put the stone in the glass vessel and fill it up to 3/4 with spring water or the cooled down tapwater. Put the vessel with the stone in it on your windowsill for 12 hours and leave it to ‘charge’ there without interruption. If you have decided to make use of the energies of the sun, you should take into account that certain stones may discolour in direct sunlight.

You can enhance your immune system by drinking a few glasses of gemstone water every day, but you may also use it to wash your face and/or hands, especially for skin disorders it is advisable to use Aventurine water to wash yourself. Next to that it is also possible to give your plants this water, the stones that are highly suited for this are Jade and Moss