New years Chant

As the change of the old to new the betwixt of the in between of two years we experiences the magic of the new lessons and possibilities brought with the coming of a New Wheel to experience this cycle of the coming year with new eyes and hopes of dreams to come into fruition.

For this I have used a chant I found in my spell a day book by llewellyn in 2003 written by Abby Willowroot. I’ve found it to help me focus and look forward to with open arms and heart to the New Year.

This is a spell for letting go of things which hold you back as we move into the new year. You can use white candles to symbolise this passing:

Blessed year passing
May your joys with me

Make me lucky, make me
Magic blessings before
these eyes.

Magical time between
old and new,
Yesterday and tomorrow.
Lessons learned will be
Pass away regret and

Magic passing stay with
And I will hold you dear.
New Year’s Eve and
New Year’s Day,
Let the spirits of
possibility play.

Words that open doors
to secrets old and new
What I reap return to

Tomorrow begins
another year.

Skills I have to grow
and blossom.
Talents I lack will come
to me.
May lessons learned stay
now with me,
With open eyes I am

Grow powers in me and
vision true,
to clear the past and
grow anew.
None og the past will
cling to me,
I am happy.

So mote it be.

I hope this helps you as much as it does for me and may you all have a wonderful New Year’s Eve and Day. Merry wishes may they stay!

Blessed Be.