Small collection of hymns

Hymn to Hestia
Hail Hestia, Lady of Fire
Lady of the Hearth, Lady of warmth and comfort
Your home is a bower for all,
A place to warm the heart and soul
With your power we forge our circle,
Forge our metal, forge our will
From your fire civilization is born
Fire burns, fire cleanses, fire ignites
Smoke is sacred, smoke clouds, smoke transmutes
From the hearth we make a home
A place for all to be welcome
Or a place to hive away
Yet you have another side,
One perhaps less welcoming
Fire consumes, fire blasts, fire destroys
Smoke chokes, smoke clogs, smoke kills
From the ashes we rise anew
Transformed by your spark
Rising to the light from the dark
You are true mistress
Mistress of hearth and home
Mistress of the flame
Mistress of lore
Fire is perfect for telling stories
Carrying the wisdom of the ages
Lady of fire and flame, We pray to you
For warmth, protection, and strength of will
– Rev. Lady Bella Sundancer

Hymn to Zeus
Hail Zeus, Lord Father
Overlord, Underlord, Lord before and after
Pray for us sinners
When we stray from our true will
Father of everything, you are jovial and lusty
Yet your pot of thunderbolts waits
Ready to spot an indiscretion
Mighty and strong you rove far and wide
Searching the nymphs for your pretty new bride
Father of many, none could count all your children
Vast as the snows and many as the mountains
Your seed is sown and grows a plentiful field
No farmer could want a better yield
Hide and seek with Hera, you are cunning
For who would wed a cow? None but you
Marching with the armies, tending the fields
Watching your peoples, your rule is vast
All have no fear under your care
You are a just and fair ruler
You protect your children with a firm hand
Great Father, we ask for your protection
From fear, ruin, and an uneasy spirit
– Rev. Lady Bella Sundancer

Hymn to Poseidon
Hail Poseidon, Lord of the Sea
King of the Waves, your kingdom is vast
From bow to stern, from prow to mast
In your chariot of many-legged horses
You ride endlessly, tirelessly up and down
Over the many waves
Your nymphish daughters frolic around you
Lord of many moods, many faces
You are sometimes calm, sometimes raging
Your ceaseless beating can wear the rocks to sand
Make kingdoms fall, bring fear to man
King of murkiness, King of the clear waters
All the treasures of the depths are yours
From sea folk to fallen gold
Endless drowned sailors make up your court
At your most joyful you are triumphant
Leading the way in your splendid chariot of foam
Your trident raised in glorious salute
Lord of the occult, you guard the magical essence
The transformative power of alchemy
The mystical knowledge of the arcane
Lord of Oceans, we pray to you for safe travel,
Good luck, and a clear path to desire
—Rev. Lady Bella Sundancer

Hymn to Hermes
Hail Hermes, full of grace
Your lily white hands wave wantonly in the wild wind
Your caduceus with its snakes entwined
Loops with easy movement by your side
Lithe limber lord we look to you as guide
To the Underworld and its fright
Yet trickster and fool find you welcome
Criminal and businessman are your bedfellows
Your mind races on flights of fancy
Thoughts and dreams of frivolity mellow
A tease and a buffoon
Yet you are the most serious of oracles
When winter draws the snow around the moon
Music you find a pastime, and dance
Yet scholarly pursuits as well, given the chance
Lady Fortuna is your friend
Apollo finds you a cheeky mate
Zeus smiles in proud embrace
Hermaphrodite is your subtle twin
Lord of Air, Lord of Light
Lord of Darkness, Lord of Night
We look to you for a happy heart, a full mind,
And wishes of prosperity
– Rev. Lady Bella Sundancer

To the Sun
Hearken, O blessed one, whose eternal eyes are on all,
Titan radiant as gold, Hyperion, celestial light,
Self-born untiring, sweet sight to living creatures.
On the right you beget dawn and on the left, night.
You temper the seasons as you ride your dancing horses,
And rushing swiftly, O fiery and bright-faces charioteer,
You press on your course in endless whirl, and harsh to the impious,
You teach good to the pious.
Yours the golden lyre and the harmony of cosmic motion,
And you command noble deeds and nurture the seasons.
Piping lord of the world, a fiery circle of light is your course,
And, O Paian, your light gives live and fruits.
Eternal, pure, father of time, O immortal Zeus,
You are the clear, brilliant, and all-encompassing cosmic eye,
Both when you set and when you shine your lovely radiant light.
A paragon of justice, O water-loving lord of the cosmos,
You guard pledges and, ever the highest, you help all.
Eye of justice and light of life, O charioteer,
With screaming whip you drive the four-horsed chariot on.
Hear my words and show life’s sweetness to the initiates.
–Translated by Apostolos N. Athanassakis

Hymn to Apollo
Hail Apollo, Lord of Light
Blessed are you among gods
Not Lord of Light alone
But of Dark, Sun and Moon
Lord of Music, Lord of Dance
The Muses are your faithful companions
And generous daughters
Your mighty steeds paw the rim of the sky
As clouds and winds pass stately by
Lord of Harmonics, sound is no stranger
Hermes knew you best when
The Lyre became your favoured medium
Happy and Warm
You can also be Cold and Deathless
Lord of Extremes, Lord of Comfort
Lady Iris dances sweetly by your open door
Lord of Golden Light
Lord of Crimson Night
We pray to you to hasten the Sun
And awaken the Muse within
– Rev. Lady Bella Sundancer

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