Beltane Spell for Health and Happiness

Adorn the Altar or Work-area with Ivy, Rowan, Hawthorn, and fresh Sorrel (Shamrocks). Both a Silver candle representing the Goddess, and a Gold candle representing the God should be lit, as well as a red and/or light blue candle representing Health. Also, recite this Chant:

Oak is the Sun Lord, Maiden is the May,
Take away out woes and pains on this May Day.
Oak is the Sun Lord, He will give us strength
He will take away our fears for the Summer’s length.
Hawthorn is the Maiden, She will give us Peace,
From the woes of aching heart, she will bring release.
Oak Lord and Maiden, married on this Day,
Bound in Light and Love and Hope, in the Beltane Way.