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Like most other divinatory methods, runes can be used in your magickal work, but also as with most other divinatory methods, it takes a lot of practice.

The simplest way to use runes in your magick is to add them in as you would a correspondence such as color or planetary hours or herbs. Let’s say you’re making a happiness herbal bag for yourself; it’s easy to simply draw the rune Wunjo on a slip of paper and add it to the herbal bag.

One of my favorite runes to use in protection magick is Thurisaz. Now, granted, you have to use it carefully. The best way to use Thurisaz as a protection rune is to surround what you are trying to protect with a ring of Thurisaz runes. Remember, Thurisaz is the protection of the thorn; so if your object of protection is surrounded by a ring of thorns, what will happen to the person trying to do harm? That’s right-they’re going to get pricked. Handy.
Another way to use runes magickally is to use them in runescripts and bindrunes. Tony Willis discusses these in his book Discover Runes, and that is where most of the following information comes from.


Instead of using a rune as just another correspondence in a given spell, runescripts are the spell. Essentially, you are arranging the runes in such a way that they are indicative of the desired result. So if you’d want to cast a spell to get a new job, you could select the correct runes, write them down in a specific order, and voila! Instant spell.

Now, this isn’t as easy as it sounds-remember what I wrote in the first paragraph of this section: using runes in magick takes a lot of practice. When writing a runescript, you need to know exactly what each rune means, and (even more importantly) you must write them in the correct order to produce the desired effect. If you’re planning on using Isa in a runescript, for example, you first need to be sure you actually want to freeze something, and then you need to make sure that you’re not freezing the wrong thing by putting Isa in the wrong place in the script.

So, let’s look at a sample script to get an idea of what I’m talking about. This example is taken from Tony Willis, by the way, so let the credit go to him. Also, some of his meanings might be a little different from what I have written on each individual rune’s page, so please excuse any inconsistencies you might spot.

Let’s say you want to safeguard your computer from theft or from breaking down at the most detrimental moment (this runescript will not prevent it from ever breaking down, but it will keep it from doing so while it’s in use, allowing you to save and salvage important work/documents). Write the following runes down, in the exact order presented, on a slip of paper:

Kenas, Isa, Othel, Raidhro, Ansuz

The first two runes are Kenaz and Isa. Kenaz in this runescript is used to protect (in this case, your computer) and Isa puts a hold on it; in other words, it “freezes” it in your possession. (Willis recommends the Kenaz/Isa combination as a good start to any runescript whose purpose is to preserve an object or objective because, for him, it means “to protect and freeze” in that order.) The third rune, Othila, denotes what it is you are protecting, a possession. Raido and Ansuz, at the end, indicate what kind of possession it is, in this case a mode of communication (although for my money, I probably wouldn’t use Raido, just Ansuz, but that’s just me. The script, as written, is highly recommended.).

Once you’ve written your runescript down, bless and consecrate it, stating to the gods the purpose for which it is intended. Then you should keep it on you, or on the object it is intended for in this case, until it has served its purpose. Once it’s finished, burn the paper. For the Protect the Computer script, it won’t ever be “finished” per se, but you may want to create a fresh runescript every three months or so and burn the old one.

It’s best to use an odd number of runes in your runescript-three, five, seven.


2 thoughts on “Rune Script

  1. Hi!

    I am trying to create a rune script to help me move to a new apartment with a new roommate, and since I have little experience with runes, I would like to know if my selection is the closest to being correct.

    First, I selected Eihwaz to make the right decisions in finding the apartment. Second, I have Raido to take the initiative and direct my energies to moving. Then I have Othila because once I move I want to feel “at home”, in harmony with my new roommate, feeling like I belong. I used Wunjo for this, too, and to have my wish materialize. Lastly, I chose Jera so that so that I may have the positive results I desire once I establish myself.

    Please let me know if this is the correct order or if I should replace any of the chosen runes.

    Thank you!

  2. I would use Kenaz for inspiration to find the right apartment, then eihwaz and raido for movement and journey to the apartment, also ensuring that journey is safe. then i would use would use jera for harmony then wunjo for joy, in that order. Then use inguz because ing is a very positive rune and ensures beneficial outcomes

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