This is a feminine rune of intuitive knowledge. Whenever you draw this rune it is advising you to follow your intuitions. Psychic ability is high. This is especially true if Perdhro is in the cast. It may mean that you are being guided or protected by higher forces. (It is unlikely that you are aware of them.) It may also mean a prophetic dream. In relationships, this rune represents the woman. Finding this rune in a cast indicates that by use of your intuitions and imagination, you are capable of dealing with any problems that may arise. In a mans reading, it represents a strong and supportive female in his life. This rune represents good memory and success in learning. It shows use of your imagination. Things will go your way. Lagaz indicates a time of relaxing, cleansing and re-evaluating your life. In the result position of a spread, it means that others will be sympathetic, understanding and helpful (especially when paired with Mannaz).

Lagaz Reversed
Lagaz Reversed is an indication of a period of confusion in your life. You may be making wrong decisions and misjudgments that will poorly affect your actions. Lack of creativity and feelings of being in a rut are indicated. This is a bad sign unless surrounded by positive runes. You will be or already were misled by your intuition into something you can’t handle. Temptation to do the wrong thing, or to take the easy way out is strong. Get out of any bad situation as fast as you can (unless Lagaz Reversed is surrounded by delay runes ). Lagaz Reversed often warns you that there is a woman (no matter what your gender) who will bring trouble (including betrayal or backstabbing) into your life. You will recognize her as someone with neurotic tendencies. If the runecast is otherwise positive, it might mean a strong female who will help you, though she will no doubt ask you to make it up later. If Lagaz Reversed is paired with Perdhro, you have failed or are failing to use your wisdom and instincts.

Converse: Beware mariners or others associated with water who may be trying to trick you.

Alternate Names: Laaz, Logr, Lagu, Logur, Laukr
Ancient Meaning: Life energy, growth
Keywords: Fluidity, life force, birth
Description: Laguz is the feminine Rune. It denotes a deep sexuality and fertility. Laguz also represents that which is ever changing and renewal. You may be in a tremendous spiritual growth period.
Reversed Description:Laguz reversed foretells a period of stagnation, sensual numbness and lack of creativity.
Astrological Correspondence: Moon
Tarot Correspondence: The Star
Gods/Goddesses: Njord, Ran
Color: Dark Blue-Green
Tree: Willow
Herb: Leek
Stones: Aquamarine, Azurite, Calcite, Chrysocolla
Animals: Swan, seal, sea gull, duck, whale, dolphin, otter, beaver
Element: Water
Magic: Expansion of physical and spiritual life, Comprehends and assimilates your emotions and desires. Negative energy is discarded, Unwanted patterns are washed away, Increased awareness