This is the rune of joy. It tells of happiness coming into your life. This rune indicates success. With Raidho or Ehwaz it means a fortunate and pleasing journey. With ANSUZ it means good news. Cast with love related runes, it can indicate deep affection and lasting emotional happiness. If there was a question regarding the object of your affections, this rune may represent that person. Some activity with this person will have happy results. Pleasure through your work is indicated by Wunjo. This is especially true if your work is of an artistic or creative nature.

Wunjo Reversed
This rune reversed is an indication of problems in your life and your unhappiness. Cast with Raidho or Ehwaz, it can show an unsafe or unsuccessful journey with breakdowns and delays. In matters relating to employment, Wunjo Reversed describes dissatisfaction with your job or your performance. In love matters there will be disappointment and loss of affections. The advice of this rune reversed is to be cautious. Put off any important decisions. You are probably feeling depressed and dissatisfied. You might be experiencing trouble from associates or people opposing you. Nothing is permanent, this to shall pass.

Converse: The truth is hidden from you. Success is elusive – work hard. Imagined love is false. Partnerships under strain through secretive behavior.

Alternate Names: Uuinne, Vend, Wynn, Vin
Ancient Meaning: Interaction of those with the same heritage
Keywords: Joy, pleasure, hope, delight, kinship, fellowship, wonderment.
Description: Wunjo denotes joy and shared bliss. It may also represent a job well done and the satisfaction one feels from completing such a task. Wunjo brings good fortune and harmony.
Reversed Description: Wunjo reversed may represent a basic discord and failure in your life. Possibly good fortune is not looking down on you at this time. If so it must be remembered that Wunjo also represents change, which could mean your bad luck is soon to change.
Astrological Correspondence: Leo
Tarot Correspondence: The Sun
Gods/Goddesses: Frey, Wodan, Uller
Color: Gold
Tree: Ash
Herb: Flax
Stones: Diamond, Golden Topaz, Amber
Animals: Boar, wolf, raven, horse, stag, hound, lion, bluebird, dolphin, dove, hummingbird, elephant, kingfisher, cat, bee, spider
Element: Earth
Magic: Strengthens friendships, Increased sense of joy and contentment, Increased sense of purpose, Increases family bonds, Binds energy fields together