World Peace Prayer

Most Gracious Mother, She whose compassion reaches every corner of the universe and beyond, hear me, (say your name) your son/daughter of the Craft of the Wise as I call out to you in our desperate time of need.

We are facing an evil force that has brought destruction to our door, and I call upon your great influence to put an end to this terror. Hear me, O Mother, as I pray for the sick and injured, for those who are trapped with little hope of survival, for those who feel frightened and alone, for those who are angry and filled with hatred, for those who are so emotionally distraught that they cannot find the wisdom to make sound decisions, for those who have lost loved ones, for those who are tirelessly working in rescue efforts, and for those who have died so needlessly — and protect the people from those who would misuse their power, both personal and greater, to harm the innocent.

Allow no magicks to be impenetrable to your hand, and sweep away those magicks that protect the guilty and hide them from your justice. May all those involved in this evil deed be exposed, and their Karma brought to bear upon them.

I ask that you gather all the positive energies from all the prayers across the world and bind them together to create a powerful vortex of love and harmony, peace and joy, protection and solace to those in need. And I pray for myself, my mother, so that I may rise above this crisis and put my energies to where they will do the most good, that I not be self-serving, and that I not, in any way, add to the negativity or evil that has befallen us.

I know that you will do this for us, and I have confidence that you will immediately assist all those in need. In the name of the Lord and Lady, so mote it be.”

By Silver Ravenwolf