Untangling Spell

Get nine ribbons, cords, or lengths of yarn, each in a different color.

Place them on a cloth and mix them up.

Take a deep breath and say:
“Lachesis, Clotho, Atropos, Fates Three, help me to unravel this
mystery. As I organize these strands in a row, may my life make sense to

Untangle all nine threads and place them in a row. Take three, knot them off, and braid them. Repeat with three more, then three more.

You should end up with three braided cords. Braid these cords together and carry it with you. Your answers will come in surprising and often beautiful ways.


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  1. Oh this one is so good as well, I love this info that you put out ,and I am so glad I found this site!! .

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