This Day in History

Each year on this date, millions of faithful men, women, and children make a pilgrimage to the shrine of Our Lady in Lourdes. A spring in the village of Lourdes, France, is believed by many to possess curative powers. The pilgrims bathe in the water in the hope that it will heal their illnesses and disabilities.

In Honor of the Lourdes Water here is a great Water Ritual!

This is a spell which links with any emotional matter: love, friendship, marriage, etc. You must obtain a picture of the person you wish to help. lay this photo on the pentacle. Fill your cauldron up with water and bless it.

Present the picture to the 4 directions in your circle and declare the object of the rite. go back to the alter & hold the photo so that it is reflected in the water of the cauldron and say

by astral light; by moon-beams bright,
I charge the water clear
to turn the tide for (name)
the face reflected here.
the moon will take away all strife
comene another phase
a mirrored surface, smooth as glass
will thus describe your days
with hope serene within your breast
forget all hurt and pain
emerge from oceans newly born
and laugh at life, again

Look at the face in the water and see the person in whatever happy or loving conditions you want for them. Build the appropiate scenery or people round them and hold that image for at least 10 minutes.

Patricia Crowther.