The Peaceful Home Spell

Yemaya, the Santeria orisha of the sea who is the patron of women and family, can help calm the troubled waters of one’s domicile.

To tap into Yemaya’s energy, buy one blue and one white (Yemaya’s colors) candle. Anoint the candles and yourself with Yemaya oil, or lavender or violet oil, or with your favorite cologne. Offer Yemaya a gift of cornbread with honey and a cup of milk in which a pearl has been stirred. Close your eyes, take three deep braths, and visulize the problem and its solution – quarreling kids beginning as long last to play nicely to gather, for example. Then open your eyes, greet Yemaya by saing, “Hekua, Yemaya!” and tell her your troubles and the proposed solution. Thank her for listening, and leave the offering overnight. Burn the candles at least an hour aday until they have burned down. Hide the pearl in the room, where there is the most chaos, and watch peaceful calm beginits reign

Denise Dumars Llewellyn’s 2003 Witches Spell A Day Almanac