Self Image Spell

Take a long bath by candlelight, either warm or tepid, whichever you like better. Add some bath oil, bath salts, and/or fresh flower petals to the water, and burn candles with a scent you like, or use unscented candles and burn some incense next to the bathtub with a relaxing scent. Let your anxieties or worries melt into the water. As you go over each part of your body with a soft washcloth or loofa, tell yourself how much you appreciate that part of your body, and how well it will serve you in the future. Finish by rinsing off briefly with a shot of water from the shower, visualizing it removing any traces of negative energy from your body.

Towel off, face the mirror, and chant to yourself:

I am a strong woman, I am a wise woman, I am a healing woman, I am the Earth!

(Or ‘man’ if that is the correct gender for you.)

Chant this five times (the tune is the same as ‘We are an Old People’), calling Earth, Air, Fire,Water, and Spirit into your self in turn. Get dressed in the most appropriate clothes for what you have to go out to do (work jeans and an old shirt if you need the confidence to fix your house, your best suit if you need confidence for a job interview, etc.), go back the mirror, fix your hair, and tell yourself “The face in the mirror is the Powerful One. S/He will do all that must be done.” Blow out the candles and say “So Mote It Be!”