Runes: The Basics

The alphabet depicted above is generally called Futhark. It was named after it’s first six letters (FEHU, URUZ, THURISAZ, ANSUZ, RAIDHO and KENAZ), and is usually found in the order shown above. These are the runes as I have learned them. There are many variations on runes ( both in character and name ) as you will discover if you search for, and study other materials on the topic ( and I hope you will ). This booklet was designed to serve you as an introduction to the topic of rune divination. It must be stressed though, that divination is just one of the many branches on the tree of rune lore.

There are many legends and applications involving runes. Along with being a valuable divinational tool, runes are also considered a magickal alphabet and a tool for visualization. They are employed in making talismans and each rune is associated with a distinct god. Even within rune divination there are branches of knowledge. In learning rune divination you will find a mundane meaning and a spiritual meaning for each rune. This booklet will be focusing on the mundane meanings of the runes, that is to say, the meanings as they apply to everyday life. For more information on rune lore and rune divination, please consult the list included at the end of this booklet.

As with all divinational tools, you will get the most out of your runes if you first get yourself in tune with them and keep up that connection. A suggested way to do this, is to roll them in your hands like “worry stones” ( while watching t.v., hanging out, etc. ) and keep them on your person as often as possible. This will allow them to pick up your energies while your mind is occupied by other things. Having your runes surrounded by your own energies forms a useful bond between you and them. For this reason, many people avoid letting others handle their runes. Of course, practicing runecasts and readings is the most direct way to get in tune with your runes.

It is important to learn the meaning of each rune. I suggest that you hold each rune while reading and learning it’s individual meaning. This will teach both you and the rune what it represents. The more you can understand and interpret the runes, the more you will get out of your runecasts. This does not, however, mean you have to memorize everything you ever read about a rune. Read what’s out there as guidelines and incorporate new information into your readings, but don’t be afraid to let your own intuitions and experiences guide your interpretations. Essentially, experience with your runes will be more valuable than any book. (Though there are some fine books out there.)


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