Protection Charm

If you feel like you are being preyed on physically, emotionally, or psychically try this.

Time: waning or new moon

Any charm, talisman, personal object will suffice here. You will imbue this object with protection. Before you cast your circle, set this object up on your altar and surround it with objects representing the five elements (earth, air, fire, water and Spirit.

Cast circle, meditate on creating a sphere of white, protective light. This light repels anything negative, and only lets in things that are positive. Feel this light, a permanent structure, around you. Pick up your talisman, hold it in your dominant hand, and starting from the east, working clockwise until you end at spirit, ask, in your own words, that each element protect you in love and light. Each time you speak to an element, feel the talisman grow stronger and the energy in it brighter. By the time you reach spirit, it should be throbbing in your hand. Now in your own words, ask the Goddess and God to protect you in love and light no matter where you tread. After you have finished, hold the talisman in your receiving (opposite) hand and repeat:

By the strength of my will, unfearful and still, protection above and below, and all around, negatives GO! Powerful sphere of light, keep me safe day and night…do not falter and stay forever strong, by these words, danger be gone. Night and day, by the power of three, as I will it, so mote it be!

It is done. You may now close the circle. Be sure to keep the talisman with you for three days and nights in a row. After this time you may or may not wish to continue carryint it with you as the energy you put into the talisman will have become one with your energy.