Prosperity Bottle

What you need a clean, empty bottle of your choice, or a mason jar- it must be clean and also free of any labels or stickers- it also must have a lid

one part Allspice
one part Basil
1/4 part cinnamon essential oil
5 parts base oil (your choice, olive oil, vegetable oil, etc.)- this base oil should be enough to fill the bottle after your other ingredients are in it.
a spoon

Cast your circle if you wish. Visualize your goal (getting a good- paying job, getting a lump sum of money, etc.) Charge the herbs and the cinnamon ssential oil. As you charge them, say,

“Money, money comes to me, in the way of (a job, check, cash, however you wish to receive it), so mote it be. Bring me prosperity, three times three.”

Visualize your goal as you mix the herbs and oil in your cauldron. Then pour the mix into your bottle and close it. Shake it a bit and continue to visualize your goal. Close the circle and place your bottle someplace to draw your intended goal to you.

from Tessa