This is a rune of mystery. It involves hidden things, secrets and occult abilities. Drawing this rune is a good indication that something that has remained hidden is about to come to light. Perhaps there will be a disclosure of some secret. Unexpected gains and surprises are indicated. Along side of Thurisaz, Gebo or Hagall it could be an unearned gain of money. It may mean a gift, if so, look carefully at the motives behind it. In emotional matters, Perdhro indicates extreme sexual compatibility. Though if it is found with Uruz, Kenaz or Tir, this rune describes a relationship based solely on sex. In a predominantly negative runecast, Perdhro may mean an illness that is difficult to cure. This rune may also be and indication of strong intuition or occult ability.

Perdhro Reversed
Drawing Perdhro Reversed should tell you not to expect too much now. Events won’t turn out as you had hoped. Obstacles, as well as unpleasant secrets and surprises are indicated. If you are hiding something, it is about to be revealed. Things from your past that you may be hiding ( or hid so well you forgot about them) could very well come back to haunt you now. You should exercise caution. Someone may disappoint you. Possibly a disappointment involving money. Now is not the time to loan money or make new investments (especially when it involves a friend). You may be having sexual problems. If you draw Perdhro Reversed, you should stay away from any experimentation with occult forces.

Converse: A proposition has hidden depth. Take nothing for granted. Trust only your loved ones.

Alternate Names: Pertra, Peordh
Ancient Meaning: Divination, Primal law
Keywords: Birth, wisdom, kinship, manifestation, chance, luck
Description: Mysteries will become known to you. You should be able to see your life’s path clearly at this time. Pethro is often thought of as “Gambler’s Rune.” You are in a lucky period right now. Chance is your ally. Take advantage of it.
Reversed Description: This may be a period of loneliness and stagnation you must fight through. This may not be a good time for you to take chances or indulge in any form of gambling.
Astrological Correspondence: Saturn
Tarot Correspondence: The Wheel of Fortune
Gods/Goddesses: Nornir, Frigga, Mimir
Color: Black, Silver
Tree: Beech
Herb: Aconite
Stones: Moonstone, Obsidian, Clear Quartz
Animals: Falcon, hawk, wolf, hound, water snake like the anaconda, spider, chameleon, clam, oyster, cricket, dinosaur, frog, tortoise, kangaroo
Element: Water
Magic: Perceives your fate—past, present, and future, Understands cause and effect, Perceives your future through your patterns, Understands the importance of foresight, Uses ancestral wisdom to make things work for you