Ostara Chants, Poems and Songs

(Sung to the tune of “Pop! Goes the Weasel”)
All around the forest ground
There’s flowers everywhere.
There’s pink, yellow, and purple too.
Here’s one for you!

Spring Chant
By Ivo Dominguez, Jr

Joy In The Gold Buds Of Spring. Passion In The Greening Leaf
Joy In The Rising Day. Passion Neath The Glowing Moon
Come Swelling Tides Of Spring. Fill Me With The Promise Of Green

Spring Fertility Chant
by: Jennifer Reif

Mother and father of all growing things
Unto my being your golden love bring
Bless this seed to fulfill its design
Of leaf and fruit, of blossom and vine

Come, Follow Me
by John Hilton

Part I:
Come, follow, follow, follow,
Follow, follow, follow me.

Part II:
Whither shall I follow, follow, follow,
Whither shall I follow, follow thee.

Part III:
To the greenwood, to the greenwood,
To the greenwood, greenwood tree.

Spring Equinox
By Ivy

We celebrate the Spring Equinox
We gather our coven with care
We’ll cast the sacred circle with rocks-
though the earth is no longer bare.
We dance on green grass-
We praise the sky blue…
We thank the God/dess for what each has,
and dance in the morning dew.

We see the Mother’s soft tints
laid lightly on the earth,
though these are but little hints
of the wonders of rebirth.

We finish our Spring-time rites
and close the circle down,
knowing we have reached new heights
our love and joy abound.

I’ll honor the God/dess in my heart,
and always remember when-
merry we’d meet, merry we’d part,
and merry we’d meet again!

Saying Farewell to Wintry spirits
by Anna Moura

Farewell to wintry spirits and friends;
On morrow we greet the spirits of spring.
Our blessings to thee as your way you wend;
And merry we’ll meet next winter again.
Blow out candle and say: Merry meet, merry part, and merry meet again!

10 thoughts on “Ostara Chants, Poems and Songs

  1. ok well these are some good poems but i would like to see a more serious variety of chants for this day like this chant i created on this day and in this hour i seek to connect to this days power by water fire earth and air answer to this witches prayer

  2. I love this site!! So much information, and with being so new to becoming a witch this info is really helping me, Brightest Blessings to all 🙂

  3. i have been looking for a decent website that has chants and songs of all sort and i finally found one!!! woohooo lol

    ~be at peace and blessed be~

  4. Ostara is in September for us in the Southern Hemisphere. This is something I wrote today to use for the Vernal Equinox:

    Lord and Lady of the Air and East
    Povide love, laughter and a plentiful feast.
    On this Holy Ostara – bless me
    with abundance and prosperity
    Awaken my senses, my direction
    My soul to its ultimate fruition
    Balance of the Day and of the Night
    Let it harm none as is right.

  5. Great Post!
    Thought you might enjoy my Eostre machinima,
    featuring Lisa Thiel’s Ostara song,

    bright blessings ~

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