Moon Signs

The moon moves through every sign in the zodiac making a journey through the skies. It enters each sign for about two days. Where the Moon falls on any given day exerts an emotional and sometimes physical impact, setting the mood and tone for the day. Each of us, based on our Sun Sign and other aspects of our personal birthcharts, are uniquely affected by the Moon’s placements, but a general mood prevails during each transit.


THREE WORDS: selfish, temperamental and focused

Tempers can tend to flare very strongly during this moon, which can be rough following the Piscean moon. Again, take heart in knowing that the moons are never in play for more than 2 and a half days..reprieve will be on it’s way. Being a fire sign, the attitudes brought out by the Aries moon seem appropriate. The next step is learning the best ways to deal with them, as well as avoiding and not scheduling taxing things during this moon if at all possible. As another resort of how to look at this fiery sign..try to remember that fire can reform and reshape ANYTHING it touches, for both good and is just the catalyst, we control the outcome – we are not just victims..we are the owners of what it can bring about.

Beware of a ME ME ME focus taking place. If people take that attitude with you, grin and bear it. Stay focused, for fire allows one to stay very focused, as it is focused itself. This can be a trying time for those with teenagers (sorry everyone). Rather than going heads on with them, maybe you can incorporate them in some activities TOGETHER, becoming bound rather than separate.

MAGICK DURING THIS TIME: “YOU” centered magic is very appropriate at this time. Spells on strength, purification, focus and the like are wonderful choices. White candles and purple as well, are good choices for candle-working, and use pine scents to work in strength as well or consider myrrh for protection (from yourself). Use this moon time to make candles, with those you may be fighting with…a great way to bring people together is with creativity.


THREE WORDS: Activity, centering and security.

Taurus is a lovely change after the Aries and Piscean moons. Time to breathe a genuine sigh of relief. It is a time where we seek our the strength of our committed relationships on all levels – with partners, friends, parents and children. It is a time for dinners with family, long love making sessions with our partners and intimate talks with our best mates. Being an earth sign, it is no wonder that it is all about becoming grounded in many fashions. You will find many needs, wants and questions you needed answered from those you care about deeply that were raised during the last few moons are answered resoundingly during this time. Again, this is about learning your rhythms and those around you. If you can learn to hold your tongue during the previous moons, you will get everything you need (not necessarily want, though) during this time.

Taurus is a great moon to have in a waxing moon if possible, because it is a very active moon full of energy towards plans and projects and with a real focus on “getting it done”. Use that energy and you will love to see what pays off..whether it is a newly painted room, a finished chapter in a book you are working on or a list of chores you have completed.

MAGIC DURING THIS MOON: Thankfulness for what you have -whether it is the partner you adore, the vehicle you so desperately needed or need, or the little surprise that you didn’t expect – like the small electric bill. The use of orange or green candles, or both, is suggested during this time. Mix in the scent of tangerine or patchouli and they will add strength to your wishes. Consider making moon cords during this time because the purpose of moon cords is to harness the vibe and energy of the moon at this time..and this is a great energy to harness.


THREE WORDS: Liberty, scattered and opinionated

This is another air sign, which is a good sign to be in for it tends to be a fairly logical place to reside but not as logical as the earth signs. As with Aquarius, this is a time of being aware of what all goes on around us but with a slight edge of reality. We seek out the answers to our questions with a logical side that was not present during the Aquarius time – lending to rather strong opinions about this. This is a time to avoid discussions with those you normally disagree with anyway in the realms of politics and religion, etc. No need to get upset and have strife unnecessarily.

Being scattered is a key part of this moon time. Being unable to firmly decide what you want, from what to wear in the morning to what to eat for dinner will be a theme during these times, and not just for you but for everyone, which you will find maddening when it happens. Breathe deep and give people a chance to figure it out..or separate yourself from a situation if they can not. It will resolve itself in time, but probably not during the Gemini moon. Avoid business decisions that require choice if possible during this time.

MAGICK DURING THIS TIME: Use this moon time to honor success, truth and morality (as you define it) as well as healing and peace. You can use any number of candles during this time from yellowy-green to blues and pinks. The choice of passionflower as your scent will lend peace of mind, which is muchly needed during this moon. It soothes in a troubled mind and aids in sleep.



No one can deny that the Cancer moon is a time of sensitivity – on a personal level, but I urge you to take that concept of sensitivity to ONE more level..sensitivity to those around you. This is a good idea because nearly everyone will be thin-skinned and such, which very often leads to temperamental behaviors and loose tongues that say things that are often regretted later. So, if we all practice the theory of count to 10 until you speak, or better yet, hold your tongue for 24 hours, on something that irks or upsets you – the rewards will definitely be worth it. So, be sensitive to those around you, and acutely aware of their sensitivity level as well. This approach just might get you through this moon with flying colors.

Emotions run high in water signs, such as Pisces and Scorpio – more so than any other elemental sign group. Seek a haven out in your home..and keep it set aside for times like this. Something like a corner with a favorite chair, a stack of books you can loose yourself in and some candles and aromatherapy essentials. Soft lighting and soft fabrics can also help you build such a cocoon. Better yet, make your bedroom just such a haven. Get rid of that TV in there..and make it a play of peace, love and sex..nothing more, but nothing less either.

MAGIC DURING THIS MOON: Silver is a color in order to use for spell working with candles or wear silver clothing or LOTS of big and bold silver jewelry. Silver lends itself to building both astral energy and astral strength. Pair silver with dark ease moodiness and other ailments during this time. Use the colors in your clothing, especially close to your face so your eyes are acutely aware of them. Use Musk as perfume, or in incense or both, to lend vitality and courage to yourself and the influences you have.



Leo moon following Cancer moon couldn’t be any more appropriate. It is a time to mend any bad feelings you might have caused during the overly irritable Cancer moon (but hopefully with any luck, those will be at a bare minimum). Although the fiery Leo sign can be often thought to be about confrontation (being the sign of the Lion), it is the converse in
the moon. It is a time to mend your pack, if necessary as well as bond with them.

Leo energy is a strong and spirited one. Take full advantage of this and revel in the vigor found in this moon time. It is not so much a time to work on projects as it is to spend time with those whose company set you afire – with ideas that get your mind going. It is also one of the times of the moon cycle where people seek out the company of others, when the social side of the moon’s social versus misanthropic dichotomy comes to the surface. There will be plenty of times when being anti-social is the trait of the get out there and PLAY!

MAGIC DURING THIS MOON: Use fiery colors in your magic..yellows (confidence, comfort and attraction), red (passion, love and energy) and oranges (joy and creativity). Spicy scents will add strength to any of your workings…from true simple spices to complex ones. Avoid fruity scents, for they are a more light-hearted scent and they do not lend themselves well during this time. Pay particular attention to your kitties on these day, brushing and grooming them – for they are as much a part of your pack and social structure as any biped about.



The Virgo moon is a transitional moon from the active Leo moon. It is an earth sign, which is a grounded sign..which is wonderful for almost all about. Earth signs are the most productive of all signs, when people become very fixated on many work and project related facets of their lives but it does not have an edge of workaholic to it, which is a
perfect balance.

This sign does well for all of us, no matter WHERE in the moon cycle it falls. In the waxing moon, it helps us to get active and focused, harnessing the energy of the moon as well as the sign for a double whammy. During the waning moon, it helps us to stay steadfast in cleaning up projects and such – rather than becoming listless as many of us do, during the waning moon.

MAGIC DURING THIS MOON: Grounding spells are wonderful during this moon. Use orange candles, especially geared towards career and success and pair it with patchouli. This is a good moon time to also do various earthy look at seed books, do garden planning, or dig out weeds. Another good grounding ritual to consider is to smudge your home, garden and/or workshops – even your workspace (if you can).



Let’s hope you have built up some strength during the Virgo and Libra moons when the Scorpio moon comes a-knocking. It is a very introverted time when you feel bothered by office mates wanting to be social, the mother that calls too often, the needy mate or the cloying friend – when you would NORMALLY have no problem with any of these situations. It tends to be the most powerful of the water sign moons.

Frustration runs high during this moon. You can combat it by taking ONE step at a time in dealing with anything, and truly biting your tongue before you say something harsh to anyone. Again, remember that ALL are affected by the moon so not only you are feeling these things – so by biting your tongue, you could very well avoid an unnecessary fight.

Emotions dominate everything during this time. So breathe deep, take walks, read your book and if need be, turn inward until you feel you can handle those about you without losing your temper. Nothing feels worse than losing it, when you know there is no real reason for it. *I* for one just end up feeling like an out-of-control loser when I do that.

MAGIC DURING THIS MOON: Use soothing colors and scents in your daily activities. All shades of blues work well. Also, the use of a more yellowy-green works well, as this color is soothing to raging tempers on various levels. I like to use blueberry and vanilla scents during this time for it eases the hidden child in me. Scents of loved foods always do. Use spells for relaxation and work on your Book of Shadows. Make dream pillows during this moon. The mixing of herbs can be very relaxing as can be the sewing of the pillows themselves and embellishing them.



Many people talk about “balance” in the Libra moon..and in my estimation it is an easily misunderstood term for this moon (as well as sign). It is not the balance that we quickly think of, the balance that allows us to balance out our lives. It is *not* a balance that we might not readily see but rather a reminder to STAY balanced and to strive towards it. Many Librans are multifaceted in their personality and so is Mother Moon in her moon sign as well. Take it as it comes, do not expect too much and go with the flow. These attitudes will make it easier.

It is also a time of retrospect, looking back on past times..and seeing what still needs to be done, what has been done and estimating your pleasure (or displeasure) in how things are going. Libra moon is often a time of look at bills and dreams. This makes it a good transitional moon from Virgo, which is so goal oriented. These two moons, hand-in-hand, can really help people get things done.

Libra is also a time of comfort, where people are comfortable with lying around reading the Sunday paper rather than saying to themselves that they should be doing something else. It is a time where people are comfortable in their shoes and who they are and leads to a very self confident time.

Although the “traditional” color to use during Libra is pink, I tend to think to use purple, white and green. This, of course is a matter of personal preference, but because red (and all her shades) are associated with love, and this is not really something that is at the heart of the Libra moon, I tend to shy away from the use of them and reserve them for times of ‘need’. Use citrus scents such as lemon, lime and tangerine to add to your workings and aromatherapy during this time. Citrus is very powerful in it’s cleansing aspects and that is much what the Libra moon is about..moving onto the next step in the picture..closing out accounts and starting again. Any waning moon magic done during the Libra moon is
powerful stuff indeed.



This is the most intense of all fire signs. Everything this moon sign is associated with is powerful and zealous – whether it be how you clean your bathroom to how you paint something or write. This also includes discussions, plans and altruistic ideas. Social injustices seem huge at this time. You will want to change the world and seem to be more sensitive to all that is out there. This is a wonderful aspect of this moon, and I am glad that every month I have the times when I feel this way for it keeps me connected to the bigger things in life. However, I am just as glad that I do not feel this way all the time for I would just be raw.

Harness the frenzy of this moon. So much gets done during this time. Reading, getting caught up on past things that you need to do, new ideas and plans…it all comes into play. Sadly enough, by the time we are all ready to get done all the things we have laid out, we move into Capricorn. Try to learn to work on ONE project during this moon to really use the energy.

MAGIC DURING THIS MOON: I suggest doing binding spells during this time, for all the energies you feel now will lend massive strength to your purpose. Realistically, that can be said about any workings. I find no colors more soothing or useful than others, except for their basic intrinsic associations with various workings. Use what colors you need to use, and whatever scents help you.


Three words: Integrity, achievement and realistically goal-oriented. Personally, this is one of my favorite moons and great way to start a week, if we are lucky enough to have it as our opening moon. The combination of a waxing moon and Capricorn is also powerful (if that is what is going on), because we all know the waxing moon leads to planning and ideas and the Capricorn moon is ALSO about this so it is a doubly whammy time to make plans, start projects, begin new business ventures, seek new clients or customers (if that is your path), or even ask for a raise at work.

The moon in Capricorn is not very focused on personal things though, obviously – which essentially is a good thing. It gives us time to work on the outside – there are many other times to focus inwardly.

MAGIC FOR THIS MOON PERIOD: Business oriented, goal oriented in the home for big projects, reputation and honor. Seek spells to strengthen and maintain integrity, bind or block people who are impeding your business growth and money increasing spells. Therefore, green is a good color for candle-burning and cinnamon is a good scent to work with as well. Wear as much green as you can as well during this moon, even if it is just in your undergarments. Consider making some money mojos as well during this period.


THREE WORDS: socially aware, talkative and boundaries This is a good transitional moon from Capricorn as it is a more positive moon, per se. It focuses more on those we are surrounded we and our perception of them (again, keeping the focus off of ourselves and introversion) but this can easily become a boundary issue. Beware of how much energy you are pouring into the plights of others for fear your own house (figuratively and literally) will suffer. Use this time to go to coffee with a beloved friend whom you know you will have wonderful and stimulating discussions. You will find yourself attracted to volunteering opportunities during this moon, or altruistic acts. You will also find yourself and others being more talkative and social as well.

MAGIC DURING THIS MOON: Peace magic is a good magic to use during this time. White candle-burning is a good thing to do, with the scents of lotus, coconut and carnation used to aid in the growth of such magic.This is a good time to utilize meditation during the evenings, for during the days, your mind will be racing with social involvement, discussions and thoughts. Take that time in the evening to recoup or chances are you will pay a hefty price and become quickly burnt-out. Aquarius, being an air sign, is also a good time to open your windows and get some air flowing through your home.


THREE WORDS: Introspection, emotional diversity and empathy. Anyone following moon signs will know that this moon is a chaotic moon.I use the term diversity to describe the emotions during this time because they can range from the highest love for your partner to disgust at the slightest thing he or she did. It can be a rough time for many but needn’t be. However, if you find yourself, having a rough time, take comfort in knowing that the moon will not be here for long.and
things will calm down shortly. I do suggest to use this time of diverse feelings to learn more about yourself and your rhythms and hopefully grow from them. Also, be aware that not just YOU are feeling these feelings..everyone around you is as
well, to some degree. This is a time where people feel very in-tune, emotionally, to those around them and it can be a wonderful boon, if one learns how to harness it well.

MOON MAGIC: anything relating to clairvoyance, scrying, psychic connectivity, dream work and the like is powerful during this time. Pisces, being a water sign, lends strength to the flow of such work. Consider buying a fountain today, to place on your altar, or even a lovely bowl with some stones and standing water. Shower and bath ritual and meditation are wonderful during this moon, or better yet, nude rain- dancing is wonderful (try NOT to scare your neighbors or get arrested). The water goddesses from ALL pantheons revel in such joy. Using blue candles or any and all shades are perfect for candle-working and using Vanilla as a scent is a good choice because it lends itself well to the clarity of memory.


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