Magical Grocery List

This is a Magickal Grocery List of items you can find in your local grocers and contains substitutions for those magickal items that are hard to find.

African Violet: Spirituality, protection.
Alfalfa: Prosperity, anti-hunger, money.
Allspice: Money, luck, healing.
Almond: Money, prosperity, wisdom.
Aloe: Protection, luck.
Apple: Love, healing, garden magick, immortality.
Apricot: Love.
Avocado: Love, beauty.
Banana: Fertility, potency, prosperity.
Barley: Love, healing, protection.
Basil: Love, exorcism, wealth, flying (in airplanes), protection, sympathy.
Bay: Protection, psychic powers, healing, purification, strength.
Bean: Protection, exorcism, wart charming, reconciliations, potency, love.
Blackberry: Healing, money, protection.
Blueberry: Protection.
Brazil Nut: Love.
Cabbage: Luck.
Cactus: Protection, chastity.
Caraway: Protection, lust, health, anti-theft, mental powers.
Carnation: Protection, strength, healing.
Carob: Protection, health.
Carrot: Fertility, lust.
Cashew: Money, communication.
Catnip: Cat magick, love, beauty, happiness.
Cedar: Healing, purification, money, protection, stopping sexual harassment.
Celery: Mental powers, lust, psychic powers.
Chamomile: Money, sleep, love, purification.
Cherry: Love, divination, victory.
Chestnut: Love.
Cinnamon: Spirituality, success, healing, power, psychic powers,
protection, love.
Clove: Protection, exorcism, love, money.
Coconut: Water, purification, protection, chastity.
Colored Pencils: Color magick.
Coriander: Love, health, healing.
Corn: Protection, luck, divination, money.
Cotton Balls: Luck, healing, protection, rain, fishing magick,
Compact Mirror: Banish negativity.
Crayons: Color magick.
Cucumber: Chastity, healing, fertility.
Cumin: Anti-theft.
Curry: Protection.
Dill: Protection, money, lust, love.
Eggs: Healing, removing negativity, fertility.
Endive: Lust, love.
Eucalyptus: Healing, protection.
Fennel: Protection, healing, purification.
Fenugreek: Money.
Fern: Rain-making, protection, luck, riches, external youth, health,
Fig: Divination, fertility, love.
Garlic: Protection, healing, exorcism, lust, anti-theft, relief from
Ginger: Love, money, success, power.
Ginseng: Love, wishes, healing, beauty, protection, lust.
Gourd: Protection.
Grain: Protection.
Grape: Fertility, garden magick, mental powers, money.
Holly: Protection, anti-lightening, luck, dream magick.
Horseradish: Purification, exorcism.
Lavender: Love, protection, sleep, chastity, longevity, purification,
happiness, peace.
Leek: Love, protection, exorcism.
Lemon: Longevity, purification, love, friendship.
Lettuce: Chastity, protection, divinations of love, sleep.
Licorice: Lust, love, protection.
Maple: Love, longevity, money.
Marshmallows: Healing, friendship.
Marjoram: Protection, love, happiness, health, money.
Mayonnaise: Prosperity, cleansing.
Mint: Money, lust, healing, travel, exorcism, protection.
Mistletoe: Protection, love, hunting, fertility, health, exorcism of
Mothballs: Stop sexual harassment.
Mustard: Fertility, protection, mental powers.
Nutmeg: Luck, money, health, fidelity, relief from nightmares.
Nuts (mixed): Fertility, prosperity, love, luck, communication.
Oats: Money.
Olive: Healing, peace,fertility, potency, protection.
Onion: Protection, exorcism, healing, money, prophetic dreams.
Orange: Love, divination, luck, money.
Palm, Date: Fertility, protection.
Papaya: Love, protection.
Parsley: Lust, protection, purification.
Pea: Money, love.
Peach: Love, exorcism of negativity, longevity, fertility, wishes.
Pear: Love.
Pecan: Money, employment.
Pepper: Protection, exorcism of negativity.
Peppermint: Purification, sleep, love, healing, psychic powers.
Persimmon: Healing, luck.
Pimento: Love.
Pineapple: Luck, money, chastity.
Pistachio: Breaking love spells.
Plum: Love, protection.
Pomegranate: Divination, luck, wishes, wealth, fertility.
Popcorn: Wishes, luck, prosperity.
Potato: Image magick, healing, separation.
Pretzels: Success, protection. (Note: pretzels must be whole, and
designed with a knot. straight pretzels will not work.)
Radish: Protection.
Raspberry: Protection, love.
Rhubarb: Protection, fidelity.
Rice: Protection, rain, money, fertility.
Rose: Love, psychic powers, healing, love divination, luck, protection.
Rosemary: Protection, love, lust, mental powers, exorcism, purification,
healing, sleep, youth.
Rye: Love, fidelity.
Sarsaparilla: Love, money.
Sassafras: Health, money.
Savory, Summer: Mental powers.
Safety Pins: Protection.
Sesame: Money, lust.
Shoestrings: Cord and knot spells.
Spearmint: Healing, love, mental powers.
Strawberry: Love, luck.
Sugar Cane: Love, lust, sympathy.
Sunflower: Fertility, wishes, health, wisdom.
Tea: Riches, courage, strength. health.
Thyme: Health, healing, sleep, psychic powers, love, purification, courage.
Tobacco: Healing, purification.
Tomato: Prosperity, protection, love.
Tuna: Prosperity, abundance.
Turnip: Protection, ending relationships.
Vanilla: Love, lust, mental powers.
Walnut: Health, mental powers, infertility, wishes.
Wheat: Fertility, money.
Wintergreen: Protection, healing.
Witch Hazel: Protection, chastity.