Invocation for the Prayer of Play

Listen: I am calling to the spirits
I call the spirit of laughing water
I call the spirit of singing wind
I call the spirit of dancing fire
I call the spirit of drumming earth
Sunchild come, son of light
Leaping from stone to stone
King of the mountain, prince for a day
Clad in the mad dash of boyhood
Come Little Sister, daughter of light
Arms full of flowers, trailing a song
Followed by butterflies
Speckled with mud
Come wild Rogue and frolicsome Maid
Merry with magic
Remind us how to be children
When play was our worship
And pleasure our prayer
Share with us your wonder
All light-hearted spirits
Let Goddess and God
Lend their grace to our games
Let us laugh ourselves silly
Throw cares to the wind
Let mirth be our magic
And humor our hymn!

Elizabeth Barrett