This is the rune of unexpected disruptions. It indicates limitations and delays. Drawing this rune tells you that the forces at work in your situation are outside of your control. However, further down the line, you may see a reason for these limitations. You may be considering a risk of some sort. Hagall paired with Fehu or Jera shows eventual success but only after much effort on your part. If any of the surrounding runes are cast reversed you should avoid any risk or gamble. With Nied Reversed, extreme caution should be taken. Sometimes it means that your future is in the hands of someone else, this is not usually someone you are familiar with. Perhaps an official of some sort. The advice of this rune is do not start anything new now. In an otherwise positive runecast, (especially if paired with Isa, Nied or Othel) the meaning leans more towards interruption as opposed to disruption. Look to runes that fall after Hagall to see if this disruption will change the course of your life.

No Reverse

Converse: Hidden dangers from the natural world. Apparently easy tasks hide unexpected dangers. A lover or partner is hiding something.

Alternate Names: Haal, Hagall, Hagl
Ancient Meaning: The egg of life
Keywords: Transformation, change, evolution, harmony, protection
Description: Hagalaz is the hail Rune. It denotes chaos, destruction and disruption on a primal level. You may experience delays in moving toward your goals.
Reversed Description: NONE
Astrological Correspondence: Aquarius
Tarot Correspondence: The World
Gods/Goddesses: Ymir, Urd, Gullveig, Hella
Color: Gray, White
Tree: Yew/Ash
Herb: Lily of the valley
Stones: Clear Quartz, Diamond, Moonstone, Opal, Geode
Animals: Serpent, dragon, falcon, eagle, hawk, owl, vulture, whale, dolphin, wolf, spider, bat, blackbird, chameleon dragonfly, praying mantis
Element: Water
Magic: Combines runic energies, Aids in personal transformation, Guards against harm, Shapeshifting, Heals physically, mentally, and spiritually