Emotional Peace Spell

When you are feeling overwhelmed emotionally, this is a good spell to help pick you up. It is particularly effective following emotional upheavals.

You will need:
Clear thought oil.
Clear thought oil
1/4 ounce almond oil
15 drops Siberian fir oil
10 drops cajupet oil
10 drops lemon oil
12 drops lavender oil

Sometime between the waning moon and New Moon anoint yourself with the oil and go outside. Sit where you can see the moonlight- near a pond or stream would be ideal. You should also be in a place where you can scream without causing a fuss. If you have to sit in your car, that’s ok.

Let all the thoughts and worries that have been haunting you bubble to the surface. Let them churn and roll until they feel like they’re drowning you.

Raise your arms to the sky and open your mouth. Begin to let out the sound of worry, the sound of troubles. It can be a scream or a moan or a low groan, but let it out fully pour out of your body.

When it feels like you’ve let go of the stress, anoint yourself again with the oil and go for a short walk, focusing on the stillness of the night around you.

From Embracing the Moon, by Yasmine Galenorn