This is another rune of protection. Drawing this rune indicates that you have set your sights on a reasonable target and can achieve your goals. There may be a slight obstacle, delay or minor problems. But it won’t cause too much trouble so don’t be too eager to move ahead. The obstacle or delay may very well prove beneficial, or it won’t turn out too big. Look at the runes surrounding Eihwaz to determine if there is an obstacle and what it might involve. You should try to anticipate problems that may arise. The advice of Eihwaz is to be flexible, work with change. Use your imagination and turn any situation to your advantage. Eihwaz has been interpreted as having a tie to the past. It could mean that you will hear from someone from your past. Sometimes this rune is an indication that problems from your past that were not dealt with effectively will be returning. In a runecast including Ansuz or Jera, problems that previously had no answer will soon be solved. Though it hints at delays, Eihwaz is a positive rune.

No Reverse

Converse: Your defensive abilities are dormant and must be realized. What appears as a danger will be easily averted through patience and concentrated effort.

Alternate Names: Ezck, Yr, Eo
Ancient Meaning: Yew, the world’s tree, life and death
Keywords: Communication, death, regeneration, knowledge, dreaming, magic
Description: Eihwaz represents the Yew tree and its everlasting nature. The Yew may bend, but it does not break. You are on the right course and have the strength and ability to meet your goals. Congratulations!
Reversed Description: This may be a time of confusion for you. That which you have built may be in jeopardy of crumbling. Do not allow yourself to give in to your weaknesses.
Astrological Correspondence: Scorpio
Tarot Correspondence: The Hanged Man
Gods/Goddesses: Odin
Color: Dark Blue
Tree: Yew
Herb: Mandrake
Stones: Lapis Lazuli, Sapphire, Blue Topaz
Animals: Eagle, spider, horse, wolf, raven, serpent, dragon, jaguar, dolphin, eel, salmon, butterfly, dragonfly, lizard, kingfisher, hound, moth
Element: All Elements
Magic: Perception of the cosmic, Release from fear of death, Expands your artistic and magical abilities, Increased foresight, Communicates with your ancestors