This rune represents movement and changes. Traveling, a change of occupation or maybe a new dwelling place. Ehwaz tells of a change for the better. Gradual development and steady progress are indicated. This rune may mean a journey, especially if paired with Raidho (short distance), or Lagaz (long distance). With Ansuz Reversed it means visiting a sick relative and with Beorc the changes or travel involves a family get together. Ehwaz indicates that you are going about a problem correctly. If paired with Ansuz, Jera, or Mannaz someone with good judgment is helping you.

Ehwaz Reversed

Ehwaz Reversed in your runecast is a good indication that you are feeling restless or confined in a situation. This is not a really a negative rune even though it is reversed. You are perhaps craving a change. Sometimes a distant journey is involved. This is especially the case if paired with Lagaz. If Raidho is present in the spread, the journey will only be a temporary one. If travel is indicated, it will probably leave you with the feeling of having wasted your time. If Uruz is in the spread, a sudden or unexpected change is indicated. If Ehwaz Reversed is in a negative reading, the advice is to not make any changes in your life now. Be sure that what you are involved in is timely.

Converse: That which appears stagnant will suddenly move. Someone willing or confident will be up to no good.

Alternate Names: Eys, Ehol, Ior, Eoh, Eykur, Eh, Eol
Ancient Meaning: The equine form of the twin gods or heroes
Keywords: Duality, movement, partnership, interaction, harmony
Description: Ehwaz represents movement. You may be closing in on reaching your current goals. Your life may be changing for the better. Harmony with others should come easy for you at this time.
Reversed Description: Ehwaz reversed indicates a restless soul in need of change. Although you may hunger for something different, do not act in haste.
Astrological Correspondence: Gemini
Tarot Correspondence: The Lovers
Gods/Goddesses: Freyja, Frey
Color: White
Tree: Oak/Ash
Herb: Ragwort
Stones: Milky Quartz, Diamond, Clear Quartz, Pearl, Amber
Animals: Horse, hound, boar, cat, goat, falcon, hawk, eagle, bear
Element: Earth
Magic: Increases wisdom, Increases magical power, Speeds personal patterns, Enhances harmony in relationships