Claiming your personal power ritual

The Celtic Clan Mothers believed that those fleeting moments of pure bliss we experience in our lives — those moments when the veil is lifted and we touch the Goddess – culminate to form our personal power or magic.

Based on these beliefs, I’ve written the following ritual to acknowledge these moments as part of my personal power base.

Items needed: Pine incense, 1 cup milk, a handful of fresh sage and basil, mead (put a heaping teaspoon of honey in your chalice and fill with sweet white wine or white grape juice), optional.

Before the ritual, make a list of the moments in your life where you experienced pure bliss: your wedding day, the birth of a child, the first time you realized you were in love, when you reached a goal, great sex, whatever. Allow a few days to really think about these moments of happiness in your life. I kept my list with me for a week, adding items as they popped into my memory.

The Ritual
Begin with a ritual bath. Add a cup of milk and a handful of fresh sage and basil (or a heaping tablespoon of dried spice) to the water. Light the incense and relax.

While enjoying the bath, allow the items on your list to pop into your head. Relive them, remembering how they made you feel. When you are ready, dress (or not) and precede with the ritual.

Cast a circle

Before continuing, it is Celtic tradition to show respect by offering up a humble apology for any mistakes you might make during the ritual and that your intent is pure. Something along the lines of:

“Great Goddess of the moon, help me gather my personal power and forgive any mistakes that I may make along the way for my intention is pure and I come to you with my heart full of love.”

Call the quarters

East, witness to the daily birthing of the Father Sun. Add the power of your sunlight to my ceremony. Welcome East.

South, bringer of heat and warmth. Protect me on my journey. Welcome South.

West, purifier of thoughts, deeds and emotions, Cleanse me with you scared waters. Welcome West.

North, personification of the Goddess, Bring me stability and security as I follow the path. Welcome North.

Invoke the Goddess and God and any other deities you wish.

Statement of Purpose

Goddess and God, I come before you today to claim my personal power so that I may call upon within this sacred circle as well as in times of need.

Ritual Act

One by one, go through each memory of each moment of bliss. Visualize each moment; experience it. When ready give it a name and say it out loud. For example, picture you wedding day. Once you fully remember the bliss of that day, Yell “Wedding Day” and when you do, reach out and “grab” that memory. Hold it tight in your fist and “absorb” it.

This is my power. I hereby claim it in the name of the Goddess and the God. As I will so mote it be.

Repeat with each memory.

When you’ve finished with all your moments, take a few deep breaths and feel the power – your power within you.

I stand before you, Lady and Lord, filled with my personal power. I pledge to use this power only for positive workings. May it continue to grow as I continue on my path of the Ancient Ones. Blessed Be.

Celebrate your new power by enjoying a traditional glass of mead.

Thank the Goddess and God.

Close the quarters

Open the circle.