Centering of Emotions

Moon Phase: Waning, Any Day, Any Time, Use as needed

bowl of distilled or boiled water
favorite Incense
white candle
some Earth

Begin by casting your circle as you normally would. Say aloud:

Here before me I gather the elements of life, Earth, Air, Fire, Water, to remove all negetive energies from within.

The Earth grounds me from harm
(rub the Earth between your hands)

The Air blows away any fear
(run hands through the smoke of the incense)

Fire burns away negetivity
(quickly run fingers through the candle flame, being careful not to burn yourself)

And Water brings freshness back in
(place your hands in the bowl of water)

With harm to none, I release my negetivity to cleanse my emotions, and fill myself full of good intention. So mote it be

Take the Water and Salt outside and empty it near your door (if you are in a large city, a park will do fine). You may save the candle, etc if you wish to repeat this same spell at a later time.

I do this on a regular basis and I always feel better after I am done. It doesn’t take long, so it can be done almost anywhere.

Adapted from a spell by Saoirse