Brigit’s Unblocking Creativity Ritual

Brigit is the Goddess of Creativity. If you are having trouble finding inspiration, try this. For this ritual, you will need a clean cauldron, filled with drinkable water; a pieces of paper; pen/pencil, and whatever creative tools you use – paper, paint, clay, knitting supplies, etc)

Cast your circle and call the quarters.

Brigit, bright Goddess of creativity, healing and smith-working,
I ask for your presence within this sacred space tonight.

On one sheet of paper, write down the blockage you are experiencing. Be sure to include all obstacles to your goal. Imagine all those hurdles being poured into the paper.

When you’ve gotten everything out of your system, tear up the paper, saying:
In the name of Brigit, I hereby overcome all these obstacles.

Next, hold up the cauldron of water. Imagine Brigit’s bright white light shining down on it, filling it with creativity. When your cauldron is brimming with creativity, say:

Brigit, giver of creativity, I call upon you tonight to aid me in my endeavor.
Let this water wash away any lingering obstacles
so that the rivers of creativity may once again flow from me.

Drink the water. Visuallize it washing away all negativity and blockages as it flows through your body. Once you feel it completely through your system, pick up what you use for your creative outlet and let the energy flow out of you into your work, be it writing, art, crafts, etc.

When you finally stop, which may be hours later, don’t forget to thank Brigit and finish the ritual by closing the quarters and opening the circle.

By Apythia


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