Breath Your Thoughts Away

If, like me, you often get to a quiet place only to find your mind noisy, try this.

Sit or walk quietly. Breathe in an easy, deep rhythm.

After a few minutes, imagine that your thoughts collect during the inhale, become concentrated as you hold your breath for an instant, then flow completely out of your mind as you exhale in a natural, unforced manner.

Repeat this till you have cleared some mental space.

Then, as you allow your breath to flow back into you in an easy, natural inhale, allow the natural world around you to come in with the breath, filling your mind and your senses and flowing into the space left empty by your departing thoughts.

Let the sounds of nature reverberate in the mental space where you normally talk to yourself, while that voice for a time is silent.

As long as you need to, gather up loose thoughts and breathe them away, till your mind is clear enough to appreciate what is around you.