Bathtub Banishing

This spell will aid in banishing a sickness or habit that is troubling you.

For this spell, you will need:
White and blue candles
Ritual Soap
Sea salts
Washable marker (crayola works great)

Note – the colour of the marker should symbolize the problem you are banishing. Also, ritual soap could be anything from specially handmade soap, to soap you’ve consecrated and reserved only for ritual workings, such as ritual cleansing and such.

Light the candles and the incense. The white candle represents positivness and the blue represents the element of water. Cast your circle and invoke whoever you choose to aid you. I also suggest calling at least the element of water to help you as well. With the marker, draw on your body a symbol of what is troubling you. It could be something as simple as writing the word. If you can, write it on the part of your body that is affected, such as drawing on your stomach for digestive ails. Really see the problem concentrating into the marker ink. Fill the bath and add a teaspoon or so of sea salt to the water. This aids
in purification.

With your athame, or failing that, your fingernail or even a paperclip, carve a purifying symbol into your soap, such as a broom, flame, or crescent. Get into the tub, and using the soap and your hands, clean off the symbol you drew on yourself; see the problem dissolving into the water with it. When you have cleaned it off, get out of the tub and drain it,
seeing the problem draining away and out of your life. My personal suggestion is to dry off with a big white towel, as white is the colour of purification. Thank any deity and elements you invoked, close your circle, tidy up, and remember that you’ve shown your problem who’s boss. A final note – don’t use the soap for anything but ritual purposes. Make sure it stays away from family members who might be apt to use it as well.