Basil Business Spell

Basil is well-known as a money-drawing herb. Here’s a spell you can do on your lunch hour to bring money your way. To start, go to a Thai restaurant and order a dish that includes basil, hot chilies, and, ideally, coconut milk. There should be at least one such dish on any Thai menu. Order this dish during business lunches, or bring it back to work to eat in the lunchroom. If you own a business, let the scent of the basil dish waft through your workplace. Say aloud or to yourself: “Oh Basilia, goddess of plenty, your rich green leaves bring us prosperity, health, and love. Help our business grow and prosper.” Then, as a gesture to Basilia, buy a basil plant the next time you visit a garden shop. Keep it at work and keep it watered and healthy. Your business should thrive.

by Denise Dumars