This rune represents the spoken word, communication, learning, the taking of advice, and the acquiring of wisdom. Ansuz in a reading represents an intelligent individual who is full of energy. Be on the lookout for someone wiser than you who can give you good advice. (Maybe someone older.) If this rune shows up near Beorc the advice will probably be from a close relative, possibly your mother or another woman. If it is shown with Othel, it will be an older relative. With Jera, you can expect it to come from and “official type” of person (a doctor, lawyer etc…). Sometimes this rune suggests an apprenticeship or a new trade under the guidance of someone who can teach you a great deal. Ansuz may indicate some form of test as well. (School or a job interview or the like.) Drawing Ansuz shows that you now have the ability to get through whatever arises with ease.

Ansuz Reversed
Ansuz Reversed warns you not to believe anything you hear now. Lies, trickery, rumors and deceit are around you. Get second opinions. Any advice you get now should be considered biased and selfish. Someone may be trying to interfere with your plans. Ansuz Reversed indicates a time of poor communication, and a lack of clarity. You may be failing ( or refusing ) to learn from the lessons of life. Sometimes Ansuz Reversed is an indication that an elderly person who is causing problems. There may be trouble with something you study or misuse of knowledge.

Converse: Failed communication. Lack of clarity or awareness. Hidden messages. Secrets. What appears to be a trick is genuine.

Alternate Names: Os, Ass, Ansur
Ancient Meaning: Name of Odin
Keywords: Order, rebirth, consciousness, knowledge, wisdom, mental agility, communication, creative expression, and reason
Description: Ansuz represents mankind’s spiritual connection to God and the universe. It is often referred to as the “God Rune.” This Rune embodies reason, truth and justice. It denotes the coming of knowledge and true counsel from a higher authority.
Reversed Description: Ansuz reversed denotes failed communications and missed opportunities to become more in harmony with the universe. Your path may be unclear at this time. False advice and malicious rumors may be afoot.
Astrological Correspondence: Gemini
Tarot Correspondence: Death
Gods/Goddesses: Odin
Color: Dark Blue
Tree: Ash
Herb: Fly agaric
Stones: Lapis
Animals: Wolf, raven, horse, vulture, eagle, hawk, falcon, bear, tiger, cheetah, cat, hound, fox, butterfly, parrot, mockingbird, cockatoo, emu, snake, turkey, bat, scorpion
Element: Air
Magic: Increases magical powers and instinctive abilities, Gets in touch with divine power and knowledge, Communication with the divine within, Creative inspiration, Assistance in times of change, Ability to change form and work closely with power animals