A Spell for Serenity

Select a small room or area in your home. This may be just one piece of a wall. Remove from the area all distractions such as books and electronics. Paint the area in a pale ivory colour. Put into the area a small wooden table or altar and a comfortable chair. On the altar put a picture or a statue of some god/goddess image that you like, with a single small potted plant and a white candle in a non-metal holder.

Every evening when you come in from work, remove all of your clothing and jewelry. If possible, bathe. Go to the area. Light the candle and sit for 10 minutes doing nothing. Contemplate the plant. Allow no interruptions.

from: The Witches Magical Handbook
by: Gavin Frost, PH.D, D.D. & Yvonne Frost, D.D., The Founders of The
Church and School of Wicca, est. 1968