Rune Magic

There are many ways to use Runes, either by themselves or with other techniques that can enhance your work. One such way is to focus on a single Rune itself and call upon it to help effect the change required or strengthen the energy. Another way is to use several runes in a line (much like a typical casting) to shape the energy around or in the work you are doing. Yet another is to combine runes into a single shape. These are known as binding Runes. The last is to write out a word or group of words, spelled in the rune staves, and either carved, painted, or written down on parchment.

Below I’ve listed some examples of Rune Magick in typical spell work. The use of Runes will start to come naturally to you once you have spent time on them. Like beginning any thing new, start with simple things. Don’t get too complex until you’re understanding of the Runa is clear. There are, in the sagas, tales of the inexperienced Runester carving Runes for a well intended purpose and winding up with disastrous results.

I recommend focusing on each Rune, one at a time. Use them in simple divination and meditate on each staves shape. Note the flow, their relationship, the “tone” that each one has. There are both the elements of sheer strength and hidden subtleties to look for. Like the rushing stream, there is both the power of the movement and the delicacy of life hidden beneath. Or conversely, the seemingly gentle appearance and the powerful current below.

Candle Magick
Prepare your altar or space, set the lights dim or use lighting by candles only. Play soft music in the background, I recommend instrumental or non-lingual vocals. Select the type of candle you wish to use, depending on its purpose. Carve on the candle a binding rune upon it, or you can instead carve the purpose of the candle in rune staves (E.g. Health).

Set the candle down for a moment and concentrate on your intent. Gather your energy, pick up the candle, and charge it. The runes will help shape the energy you send it into its pattern. Set the candle down and meditate on it for a moment, then light it.

The runes will partially insure the energy you sent into is shaped to its pattern. This focuses the energy into a very tightly knit band that is very difficult to disturb. Thus, the work you’ve just performed is less inclined to break down due to forces of entropy.

Charging Oils
How you prepare your oils and what type to use is strictly up to you. Some extract the oil from their own garden of herbs and plants. While I admire such dedication, many of us rarely have the time or resources to dedicate to such purity. One must bear in mind though, that what one puts in to their efforts will be returned.

I usually purchase my oils from a source that knows the difference between good oils and cheap ones. To those just starting I might point out that you should stay clear from synthetic based Essentials and stick to the natural Essential oils. In my industry there’s also a known acronym “GIGO”, Garbage In, Garbage Out.

Set about your workspace the Runes you wish to invoke. I frequently use another set of Rune stones that I use for spell work. Blend your oil using the base of your choice, if its meant to be worn. Otherwise, combine your oils carefully. After pouring the oil into its vial, meditate on the Runes you’ve selected and the energy you wish to send. Charge the oil, hold it, and set it down carefully. At this point I like to let the oil set overnight, with the Runes surrounding it. The cone formed by the Runes surrounding the vial help protect it and lets it “mature” to its fullest potential.

Optional: If you wish to go a step further, you can write your spell to which you are preparing your oils in Runes, usually on parchment. The spell can be prose, verse, a single word, or a binding rune. Anoint the parchment with a touch of the oil. Set the parchment in your cauldron and light the paper. This acts as the initialization of the oil, activating it.

Sealing Your Home
Its good to protect your home every so often. Many of us absorb a lot from our environment and as such we should do as much as we can to insure our comfort and protection. Sealing one’s home is really setting up filters on all points of entry. These filter allow the positive energy to flow in while preventing the negative from gaining entry. In some cases you may also wish to limit what you allow out. No need letting the neighbors get hit with whatever you’re sending…

What you use in this as a medium is completely up to you. I use incense ash, others use oils. For the doors, you can use a cord knot or a mounted plate with your Runes carved on them. This technique will use the ashes, and can be combined with the more traditional Smudging.

In candle light, with soft music, draw your circle and create your sacred space. Start with the shielding and protection of your space. Light your incense. The kind you use is strictly up to you. Keep in mind, however, that you are doing a protection spell. If you wish to add other elements to that, such as cleansing, feel free. Again, sometimes it is better to keep it simple, and there for minimize the chance of confusing the spell.

As the incense burns, expand the walls of your circle slightly. Meditate on the feeling of being within that space while the incense burns. When the incense has stopped burning, and you have adequate ashes, you can let your circle down. Go with the burner and mark each door and window frame with your Runes. Elhaz and Thuriwaz are the most “protection” or “defence” attributed. “Uruz” can also be invoked, albeit cautiously so, and “Othila” can be as well.

Enchanting an Item
The purpose of carving Runes on specific objects is to essentially bless and dedicate them to their specific tasks. The Runes are either that of invocation to make their attributes purer, stronger, and more reliable. Enchanting ones drinking horn or sword was an extremely common practice. Drinking horns were carved to enchant the drink it held, or to detect
poison. Usually sounding horns were carved to sound true and over long distances.

For Swords, the enchanting normally called upon its strength, sureness of stroke, sharpness, etc.. Blades were also named, for naming a thing gave it its identity and personality. To this end we have essentially created something which is partially “aware” in the astral realm. Name usually corresponded with its function or desired result. “Helm Splitter”, “Ever Bright” , etc.. In the case of my ceremonial sword, I have named it “Veil Cleaver” for its ability to define and cut through the “veils” of reality and the planes on which we work.

Start with candle light, incense, and low playing music. Music for this type of work may be a Richard Wagner piece.. (that’s pronounced Rikhard Vaagner) With all elements and tools within your reach, create your Sacred Space. Open a path to your patron deity and ask for their guidance. Offer up the item and call upon those you wish to help enchant it. Each deity has their own particularities and qualities, remember the path you choose and why you are dedicating this.

On smudge the item with the incense. This should be prepared for cleansing the item and help bias it with the properties you will later instill (i.e. Astral, Truth, Defense, Healing). Hold the object close and let your energy wash it. Fill it with the energy you wish it to have. Like the candle or the oils, what we need to possess qualities we must first place therein.

After charging the item, meditate on it. Visualize your use of it. Walk though its properties and how it helps you. Pick it up again and continue to reflect on these visions, the feelings. We are programming it, making it our own, and fashioning its purpose. Once done, paint or carve the Runes you have already designed. Unless your instinct is well defined, I strongly recommend thinking Very carefully before marking any object irrevocably. Not only physical marks, but the astral marks it will bear from the energy you are etching upon it.

Upon finishing the Runes, seal it with an oil or the drop of wax. This in effect states you are clearly finished with that phase of the rite, putting the period to the binding of the Rune. Sit a while, meditate, clear your mind and feel the object. Sense it in the now, and beyond. Open your channels and see how it moves energy. After satisfactory calm and meditation, lay the object down, clean your circle, and close. Let the object “cool” overnight.

Other Tips
As I stated previously, all the efforts you put into something is what you can expect back. IF you feel comfortable, you can start more complex rituals and Rune Magicks by tying them in with other elements such as Moon phases, Astrology, Crystals and stones, group circle rituals, etc…