Dice Divination

This method of Dice fortune telling uses three die. Put the three dice into a small box or dish. Close your eyes and toss the dice onto a board. Dice that fall outside of the circle should not be counted. Add up the number of dots on the remaining dice the following is how to interpret:

Three: Imminent good luck and a wish fulfilled.
Four: A slight setback will cause disappointment
Five: A stranger brings much new happiness
Six: A new blessing comes well disguised
Seven: You become the victim of gossip
Eight: Confusion causes unwise decisions- don’t act in haste
Nine: Success in love and reconciliations
Ten: Success in career and finance in imminent
11: Short-term illness causes you anxiety
12: Seek advice regarding legal documents
13: self-pity causes delays and hassles
14: A new social circle brings excitment
15: Follow you intuition about false friends
16: A short journey brings profit and pleasure
17: A stranger from overseas brings successful propositions.
18: Happiness, financial success, and a rise in status.