Reaping Money Spell

Color of the day: Turquoise
Incense of the day: Cedar

Thursday belongs in the jurisdiction of Jupiter. The Roman god Jupiter dealt with matters of law and stability. This is a good day for spells about money prosperity, and business. Many magical traditions recognize the Rule of Three, that whatever you do comes back to you three times over. Here is a prosperity spell using the energy of Jupiter and the Rule of Three. For this spell, you will need three dollar bills (or use larger bills, if you can
afford to) and some green thread. Roll each bill into a tight tube, always rolling toward yourself. Tie each tube with green thread. Then put the money into a charity box, and say (silently if someone is watching):

I reap what I sow.
I get what I throw.
Money come, money go.
Money come!
Your generosity will draw prosperity to you.

Elizabeth Barrette