May Waning Moon Esbat

This is May, the time of opening, the time of blossoming. The world is gently wrapped in a sweet blanket of flowers. Fruit trees bloom and carry the promise of abundance to come. Newly arrived birds sing in the warmth of the strengthening sunlight. We do ritual in this soft part of the year to open our spirits to receive. Flowers, a gift from the Lord and Lady, beckon to our souls. Their endless varieties give us beauty and fragrance to enjoy. Some flowers, such as lavender, can be used for healing and others, such as geraniums, can be used to enhance the flavor of food. Like flowers, we are children of Mother Earth, and in this time of blossoming, we too need to open. Flowers are delicate and beautiful and serve to remind us that we need to be gentle with ourselves and to be able to find the beauty within.

May Waning Moon Ritual
Moon of the Faeries

Items needed for this ritual include: Enough cut flowers to mark the perimeter of the circle. The flowers need not touch each other and can be spaced at intervals that seem appropriate; A basket with several cut flowers; Six candles in pastel or early spring flower colors; A small cauldron; A bowl filled with marigold seeds; A small sachets that contain morning glory and moon flower seeds; A tape or CD of music for meditation (optional). Marigold seeds in a small shell.1 black candle, 1 pink candle, Sage, frankincense or myrrh incense (for clearing)

Ritual Bath
Add salt to the water, or tie the following herbs in a small piece of cloth: hyssop, lavender and rosemary. Run under faucet.

The Ritual

With the basket of cut flowers, walk the perimeter (deosil) of your circle, placing flowers at intervals along the floor. When you arrive back where you started, say:
With these gifts from the Mother,
And the magic of the Sídhe,
I pass from on realm to another,
Sacred this space, I decree.

Face each direction as you speak, and then light a candle. For the Goddess and God, face the altar.

The snowdrop, white and green flower of hope and first to show that the earth is awakening. I beckon to the spirits of North, of Earth to join me and sweeten my circle this night.

The carnation, Sweet William, your delicate fragrance borne on gentle May breezes sweetens my life. I beckon to the spirits of East, of Air to join me and sweeten my circle this night.

The marigold, bright and cheerful as the daystar it follows daily across the sky. I beckon to the spirits of South, of Fire to join me and sweeten my circle this night.

The iris, watery blue with three inner and three outer petals is the messenger of the Goddess. I beckon to the spirits of West, of Water to join me and sweeten my circle this night.

The rose, king of flowers. It is said that as a spirit passes from this realm it can only be accompanied by the rose. I beckon to the Lord to join me and sweeten my circle this night.

The Lilly, symbol of hope and grace, represents the triple ideal. I beckon to the Lady to join me and sweeten my circle this night.

As you inhale the aroma of the steaming herbs, visualize the steam breaking up any tension in your body, and exhale. Ask your body and spirit to release any thoughtforms that are not in accordance with your highest potential, and be willing to look at where you might be harboring doubt, suspicion, or fear. With each inhale, affirm that you are breathing in the healing energies of the Universe, and that you can transform yourself through meditation, patience and faith.

With each exhale, affirm that the outmoded thoughtforms are transformed into NEW ENERGY that can be utilized for growth. ENERGY is neutral, so it is up to us to REDIRECT it!

Light your white altar candles and incense. They are symbolic of peace, truth and protection. Meditate for a few minutes on what that means to you personally. Is there anything in your life now that is not in sync with your personal truth?

Light the black candle. The color black is an absence of color, and therefore ABSORBS… the black candle will represent the absorbing/transforming power of the dark moon, and as we work with it, imagine the pain or anger being pulled out of you and absorbed and transformed by the energy that is symbolized by the black candle.

Take a small piece of paper, and write WITH AS MUCH EMOTION AS YOU CAN MUSTER one thing you want to release / transform.

Light one corner of the paper, and immediately drop it into a flameproof / heatproof dish (a large ashtray or a ceramic pot with some soil on the bottom would be ideal).

Repeat with any and all emotions, fears, resentments, gripes, angers, resentments, excuses, obligations, etc. etc. etc.
Until you feel CLEAR! If you still feel bad, keep going for a while!

When you’ve cried, griped etc as much as you can stand, put out the black candle.

Light the pink candle. Put on your favorite music: something that makes you feel energized, happy and motivated! Now you need to focus on filling up the spaces left wher the old pain was! Time to fill it in with the AFFIRMATIONS of your choice…
Always write affirmations in the PRESENT tense! Keep repeating them over and over until you feel GREAT! BREATHE IN your new TRUTH.

When you are finished, put out the pink candle, and save it and the black candle until the next time you do this exercise. For maximum effect or serious depression or apathy, do this spell 3 days in a row (finishing on New Moon day).
Use your usual method for grounding energy.

Extinguish each candle, respectively, after speaking.

Lady of All, I thank you for the gift of beauty that you bestow upon the world. Each time I gaze upon a flower I will remember that your fair hand created it. I ask that you bless me as you depart to your realm of beauty. Farewell, dear Lady.

Lord of All, I thank you for the gift of mystery that you bestow upon the world. Each time a flower’s fragrance envelopes me, I will remember that you helped create it. I ask that you bless me as you depart to your sweetly scented realm. Farewell, dear Lord.

Spirits of West, messengers of the Divine, I ask that you bless me as you depart to your watery realm. Farewell, dear spirits.

Spirits of South, servant of the daystar, I ask that you bless me as you depart to your fiery realm. Farewell, dear spirits.

Spirits of East, sweetly scented breezes, I ask that you bless me as you depart to your airy realm. Farewell, dear spirits.

Spirits of North, life-sustaining foundation, I ask that you bless me as you depart to your earthly realm. Farewell, dear spirits.

Thank you for this gift which will be a reminder for me to be open and gentle as a flower. May these seeds of morning glories and moon flowers bring sweetness to my days and nights. Like morning glories, may I greet each day with freshness. Like moon flowers, may I find the power of Luna always within me. In faith and unity, blessed be.